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Admission and Aid

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Becoming a Grinnellian starts here.

You’re driven by purpose. You strive to push boundaries of intellectual inquiry. You use critical thought to navigate the world’s complexities, to explore diverse perspectives, and to pursue answers for you and the common good.

In other words, you’re a Grinnellian.

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    Why Grinnell

    Discover Grinnell, and then define it for yourself.

    It’s something more than a place, much bigger than an idea. Grinnell is a way of being and seeing. An unwavering commitment to your journey of discovery, both in everything you want to do and everything you want to become.

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    Visit and Apply

    An unlikely place to start an unforgettable journey.

    Grinnell, Iowa. Where the prairie has given rise to generations of extraordinary experts, change-makers, and masterful minds. Home to a unique combination of environmental, economic, and political ecosystems, setting foot on our campus will call into question what you thought you knew about Iowa.

    The path to Grinnell starts when you tell us your story.


    One of the best ways to know if you’re a Grinnellian is to pay a visit to the place that brings them all together.


    Can’t get to us? Check out our virtual tour below to see why so many call Grinnell home.

    Virtual Tour

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    Tuition and Aid

    We're here to help.

    If you’re a Grinnellian, you belong at Grinnell. It’s that simple. So we’re right here with resources and answers about funding your Grinnell education.

1,700 students
We're a small but powerful community.
3,000 internship opportunities
That's more opportunities than enrollees.
500+ events each year
From concerts to lectures, free to all.
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    Hello There

    Meet people pleased to meet you.

    Your personal Grinnell experience starts from the moment you first discover our name. As you learn more, our dedicated team is ready to provide everything you may need to find your way here.

Lana Katai '21

I love that I go to a college where the only thing people care about is the quality of my character and the things that I bring to the table, not what I’m wearing, or how I sound, or how I look. At Grinnell, I feel free to be who I am.

Lana Katai '21