Past Honorary Class Members

Each year, the graduating class nominates members of the College community and community at large for honorary class membership. Honorary class members are people at the college and in the community who are important to the class and whom it would like to consider honorary members of the class. Honorary class members receive class letters for that year’s class, may be invited to Reunions, etc. Honorees are recognized at Baccalaureate, and are unaware of their honor until that time.

Seeking Information on Honorary Class Members!

Due to the surprise nature of honorary class members, honorees are not printed in the Baccalaureate program. Therefore, good records of honorary class members are difficult to find. If you were an honorary class member, or you remember who earned the honorary class memberships from your graduating class, please e-mail commencement with more information.

Honorary Class Members by Year

James Freese
Asimina Ino Nikolopoulou
Donna Miller
Ted Schultz
Marianne Ronan
Brenda Strong
Alicia Stanley
Sam Cox (Saint Rests)
Waylon Goetzinger
Jordan Brooks
Ron Cooper
Mitch Wolff
Andy Barnum
Stacey Cannon
Rob Cabelli
Heidi Criswell
Heidi Criswell
Sam Rebelsky
Lakesia Johnson
Allan & Nancy Maly
Connie Coleman
Wayne Moyer
Astrid Henry
Monessa Cummins
Rob Cabelli
Stephen Andrews
Roger Bauman
Kesho Scott
Cheryl Chase
Russ Motta
Celeste Miller
Minna Mahlab
Daniel Hirsch, Resident Life Coordinator
Jerry McVey, Dining Services
Kirsten Klepfer, Pastor, 1st Presbyterian Church
Lyle Bauman, Marketplace Supervisor, Dining Services
Karen Edwards, Assistant Dean and Director of International Student Affairs
Judy Hunter, Director of the Writing Laboratory/Lecturer (Retired in 2012)
Robert Grey, Professor of Political Science
Susan Schoen, Secretary of the College/Assistant to the President
Jeff Pederson, Football Coach
Dotty Slick, Diversity and Achievement Staff
Willard Willie, Facilities Management
Marlene Jacks, Chicago Admissions/Diversity and Achievement Staff
Russell K. Osgood, President of the College
Karen Cochran, Health Center
Kims Hinds-Brush & Randy Brush, RLC and Spouse
Tom & Emily Moore, Math and Statistics Faculty Members
Darlo Kelting, Facilities Management
Doug Cutchins ’93, Office of Social Commitment
Yuki Goto, Former Student
James "Jimbo" Tanzosch ’88, Local Figure, owner of local pub and restaurant
Marlene Jacks, Admissions
Kim Hinds-Brush, Student Affairs
Elena Bernal ’94, Special Assistant to the President, Interim Director of Student Services
Russ Motta, Campus Security
Brad Bateman, Department of Economics, Associate Dean
Deborah & John Ewins, Parents of Former Student
Karen Cochran, Health Services
Jean King, Health Services
Darcy Noel, Dining Services
Connie Coleman, Dining Services
Daryll Caterine, Department of Religious Studies
Ken Breiting, Facilities Management
Diane Hawkins, Career Development
George A. Drake ’56, Department of History
Roger Bauman, PEC Equipment Cage Supervisor
Sheree Andrews, Student Affairs
Mike Sims, Student Affairs
Ronald Coop Cooper, PEC Equipment Cage Supervisor
Chris Gaunt, Burling Library
Wanda Neff, Dining Services
Yvonne Van Ommen, Dining Services
Joy Douglas, Dining Services
Don A. Smith, Department of History
Douglas Cutchins ’93, Office of Social Commitment
Dorothy Martinek, Student Affairs
Diane Hawkins, Career Development
James Work, Summer Programs/Special Services
Lyle Bauman, Dining Services
North Campus Custodians, Facilities Management
South Campus Custodians, Facilities Management
Betty Moffett, Reading Lab
Steve Langerud, Career Development
Merle Zirkle, Department of Art
Jim White, Bates Flowers
Lisa Mayte, Residence Life
Peter Connelly, Department of English
Russ Motta, Campus Security
Paul Valencic, Residence Life
Jo Calhoun, Student Affairs
Luther Erickson, Department of Chemistry
Pamela Ferguson, President of the College
Holly Krejca, Residence Life
Roger Bauman, PEC Equipment Cage Supervisor
Kevin Engel, Burling Library
Jenny Erickson, Student Affairs - Forum
Patti Guillaume, Cashier’s Office
H. Wayne Moyer, Department of Political Science
Betty Moffett, Reading Lab
Rita Rawson ’90, Student Affairs
Erik Sanning ’89, Department of Theatre
Eilert Amy, CDO - Community Services
Ferguson Pamela, President of the College
Spiderman, Familiar Campus Figure - a.k.a. Matthew Atherton ’95
Carolyn Ahrens, Student Affairs
Jo Calhoun, Student Affairs
Nadeem Siddiqui, Dining Services
Kevin Engel, Burling Library
Ray Obermiller, Swimming Coach
Sheila Wilder, Dining Services
Roger Bauman, PEC Equipment Cage Supervisor
Alan R. Jones ’50, Department of History
Twyla McAtee, Dining Services
William Deminoff, Secretary of the College
George A. Drake ’56, Department of History
Diane Weisz,  
Heather Kenvin-Hietala,  
Steve Langerud, Career Development
Ray Obermiller, Swimming Coach
Ken Christiansen, Department of Biology
Betty Montgomery, Dining Services
Gerri Sanders, Dining Services
Clyde French, Mail Services
Jeff Phelps ’71, Local Figure, owner of Wine Cellar
Marilyn Kurtz, Career Development
Rose Stoops,  
Ed Brand, Facilities Management
Jo Calhoun, Student Affairs
Myrtle Lee Vitera, Bookstore
Ronald Cooper, PEC Equipment Cage Supervisor
Twyla McAtee, Dining Services - Grill
Carolyn Meredith, Dining Services - Grill
Ralph Luebben, Department of Anthropology
Albert J. Pinder, Local Figure - Grinnell Herald Register
Berneil Mueller, Department of Music
Melissa Gerhardstein, Deceased Class Member
Daniel J. Magurshak,  
Elizabeth McKibben, Department of Classics
William McKibben, Department of Classics
Rev. Robert Towner,  
Rosetta Meldrem, Dining Services - Grill
Kandy Wilson, Dining Services - Grill
Opal Wells, Dining Services - Grill
Danish Maid Bakery, Local Bakery
Susan Crim, Student Affairs
Jenny Erickson, Dining Services - Forum
David Matlack ’27, Alum, Local Figure
Ernie Renaud, Post Office
Dick Steele

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