Facilities Management Services

Facilities Management is responsible for the following projects and services throughout the Grinnell College campus:

  • Capital Projects: Our goal is to complete all capital projects on schedule, within budget, per the drawings and specifications, and in compliance with all applicable codes and regulations, including the planning, design, and construction of building and remodeling projects. We coordinate interaction among consultants, contractors, and various College constituencies through completion and occupancy. Our staff represent the College in communications with students, faculty, staff, community, and government regulatory agencies. We also work with building occupants, other College constituencies, consultants, and regulatory agencies in programming, planning, and designing new buildings and remodeling projects.
  • Maintenance: We complete all maintenance--including planned, corrective, and emergency maintenance--in a timely manner, with the appropriate priorities and frequencies, within the amount budgeted and in compliance with all applicable codes and regulations.
  • Special Projects: These can include major maintenance, repair, or construction projects.
  • Service Order Work: We will determine the needs of the requestor(s) and complete all work orders in a timely manner. We also ensure requestor(s) are kept informed on the status of their work order requests.
  • Scheduling: Ensure that all work, (maintenance, Special Projects, work orders and repairs) is scheduled properly, with the appropriate priorities and consistent with budget constraints and that a backlog list of projects by shop is kept up to date so that accurate start dates for new projects can be obtained, and so that staffing levels can be properly monitored and maintained. Cross-train personnel so work can be reassigned to shops with less backlog for earlier completion, or contract out the work if necessary to meet commitments or when it is in the best interest of the College.
  • Coordination & Project Management: Ensure that Facilities Management personnel have the proper tools, equipment, materials, training, drawings, and specifications necessary to be productive. Provide project management and contract oversight support for all outside contract work.


  • Site planning & development including infrastructure, capital improvements & furnishings
  • Contract oversight and purchase order requisitions
  • Energy management and monitoring
  • Set-ups for Commencement and other special events
  • Office-hours alarm monitoring
  • Keys and locks
  • Car pool