A number of student cultural organizations provide cultural enrichment on campus and allow students to celebrate diversity. These groups educate the campus and greater Grinnell community and provide cultural grounding for Native American diaspora, Black diaspora, Asian diaspora, Latinx diaspora, Jewish diaspora, Muslim diaspora and international student diaspora communities. While food bazaars and fairs are among the most popular events, these groups sponsor a variety of symposiums, lectures and guest speakers throughout the academic year. All members of the college community are encouraged to join the groups listed below and to participate in their sponsored activities.

For more information about the council, contact Jordan Brooks. For more information about the individual groups that comprise the council, contact Katy Zart.

African and Caribbean Students Union (ACSU)

The African and Caribbean Students Union (ACSU) of Grinnell College seeks to celebrate the rich diversity of the African Diaspora by engaging the Grinnell Campus through education, community, and dialogue. Together with other multicultural peer organizations, we serve as a home-away-from-home for international African, Caribbean, African-Americans, and all students with interests in the efforts and values of the ACSU.

Asian and Asian American Association (AAA)

The purpose of the Asian and Asian American Association is to create a community that will nurture cultural pride amongst all members.

Concerned Black Students (CBS)

The purpose of CBS is to build a strong community within the membership as well as promote and inform the campus about African-American history, cultures, and issues.


CHALUTZIM, the Jewish student organization, is a diverse community in which students celebrate and learn about Judaism. They hold religious services on campus and sponsor educational and cultural programming. The group participates in interfaith dialogue, multicultural activities and promotes diversity on campus. All of their activities are open to everyone on campus.

International Students Organization (ISO)

ISO encompasses all nationalities and welcomes all students as members. The organization promotes international understanding, tolerance, and cooperation among cultures on campus and in the Grinnell community. ISO encourages all students, faculty, staff, and members of the Grinnell community to broaden their horizons and increase their exposure to other cultures. ISO events include symposiums with speakers that strive to provide a forum for discussion of current global issues; a Food Bazaar where members cook traditional food from their countries to share with others; Cultural Evening which includes a talent and style show of traditional clothing; Cultural Lunch Series featuring topics such as Nepali lessons, Chinese calligraphy, or a country focus; theme study breaks, weekly ISO Table where members get together for dinner and social time; and break activities such as movies and trips.

Student Organization of Latinas/os (SOL)

The purpose of SOL shall be to create a community that will nurture cultural pride, as well as awareness, amongst all its members. SOL resolves to create and support a cultural and social network that preserves and encourages cultural identity and autonomy; promotes awareness of political and social issues affecting Latino society; and serves as an education resource for the community.