Education Committees

We have several committees that lead the curricular and policy changes within the education program.

Teacher Education Committee

The Teacher Education Committee (TEC) shapes the policies and programs of the education program and authorizes students for the licensure program.

(1 year term, 3 faculty, 1 from each division.)

2017–18 TEC Members

  • Jennifer Brown - Humanities
  • Michael Guenther - Social Studies
  • Corasi Ortiz - Science

Teacher Advisory Committee

The Teacher Advisory Committee (TAC) facilitates dialogue and manages relationships with area schools.

2017–18 TAC Members

  • Rick Radcliff (Principal, BGM - Brooklyn, Iowa)
  • Steve Alig (BGM - Brooklyn, Iowa)
  • Sarah Hegg-Dunn (Principal, Grinnell-Newburg Middle School)
  • Leah Slick-Driscoll (Meskwaki Settlement High School, Tama)
  • Trent Edsen (Grinnell Newburg High School)
  • Josh Ellis (Grinnell Newburg Middle School)

Student Educational Policy Committee

Student majors within the program elect a Student Educational Policy Committee (SEPC) every year that assists in the faculty hiring and review process and in planning extracurricular activities, such as visiting lecturers and student colloquia.

2017–18 SEPC’s for the Education Department

  • Jherron Sutton ’18 (Sociology)
  • Christian Clark ’18 (English)
  • Ashley T Jackson ’18 (Sociology)
  • Eden Gregory ’19 (English)
  • J’remi Barnes ’19 (History)
  • Rene Ayala ’19 (Sociology)
  • Carrie Stallings ’19 (Sociology)