Wall in Admission and Student Financial Services room that says "The World Needs Grinnellians"

Student Journeys

Extraordinary journeys begin in unexpected places.

Read more about the extraordinary places these students experienced through their Grinnell College journeys.

I stick my tongue out in front of the cold waters of Alaska


Antonella Diaz

Antonella came to Grinnell wanting a diverse, tight-knit community that welcomed international students, and a discussion-based, open curriculum that allowed her to explore topics that she hadn't studied before.

Me in a red tie walking through the hallways of the Humanities and Social Sciences Center building with a camera in my hand


David Hudson

David is from a small, public urban high school in Brooklyn, New York. He knew instantly that Grinnell was his dream school when he visited as a middle schooler!

I smile with the Grand Canyon behind me!


Ben Brim

Ben always wanted to conduct scientific research in a welcoming community, but he never expected he would do it three times in his 4 years: with his professor, in Denmark and Portugal, and in Farmington, Connecticut!

Me sitting near the flowers and grass at the site of the Ancient Olympic Games


Elisabeth Kille

Elisabeth crafted global educational experiences to work in, learn from, and explore different cultures using her Grinnell experiences. She worked an internship for Chile, went abroad to Greece, and made amazing Grinnellian friends along the way!

Me at a lookout point. I'm holding a black handrail and there are beautiful green mountains in the background.


Maya Gardner

Maya always wanted to engage in cutting-edge scientific research at Grinnell. But she never expected that she would also do it in South Africa and do remote research!

Me smiling at the camera with the sunset in the background


Katie Goodall

Katie made lots of friends her first year by being brave. Later on, she pursued theater opportunities at Grinnell, interned with the College Garden, and lived together with her friends in Colorado.

Andrew running in a Cross Country meet


Andrew Nickeson

Cross country athlete and comp-sci major Andrew discovered a passion for nature and hiking in small-town Iowa. Together with his teammates and coworkers, he explored beautiful sights!

Me in Uppsala, Sweden


MJ Uzzi

MJ fell in love with Grinnell’s community visiting and beyond, even during pandemic. She engaged with politics, studied abroad in Sweden, and majored in economics!

Me held up by my best friend Quinn near a Grinnell indoor swimming pool


Spencer Clark

At Grinnell, Spencer found a group of incredible people waiting for him. With them, he swam competitively, studied abroad in London, and explored his passions.

Lucy in a performance


Lucy Polyak

Lucy explored her life-long passion for theater from all angles, thanks to Grinnell's research and study-abroad opportunities. She directed shows, studied abroad in London, and more!

Sophia Jackson at Chernobyl


Sophie Jackson

When Sophie visited Grinnell, she was enamored by the diversity, authenticity, and openness of the students she interacted with. Those interactions continued throughout her four years and developed into friendships and relationships that she will continue to value after graduation. She similarly valued her experiences with service, research, advocacy, the Rosenfield Program, internships, externships, study abroad, and getting to know Grinnell.

Enya Gamble in front of Grinnell College entrance sign


Enya Gamble

Enya knew that the best way for her to grow was to be surrounded by different people, so she chose Grinnell. She indeed grew a lot, by interacting with diverse people, as well as through swimming, water polo, the College’s individually advised curriculum, and by creating an unconventional off-campus study.

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