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The Office of Communications and Marketing and the Conference Operations and Events Office, in collaboration with several campus partners, have developed a new campus calendar. The new calendar has added functionality — including the option to search and filter by event type, date, and audience — and gives users the ability to add images to entries.

Event organizers will continue to reserve spaces and add events to the calendar through 25Live, but there are a few new system options. Watch this training video to learn about key changes for entering an event in 25Live to best promote it on the campus calendar. For individual training or assistance, contact

still image of 25Live training video

Entering Events in 25Live

  1. Screenshot of event calendar with arrow pointing to Submit an Event
    Click the "Submit an Event" button on the calendar to go to 25Live and log in with your network username and password. If you are entering events on behalf of an office or student organization, please use your personal username and password.
  2. Select the Create an Event button in the middle of the screen
  3. Fill in the required information labeled with an asterisk (*), and as many of the optional fields as possible. Here are the fields that affect the display of events on the public calendar:
  • Event Name: This field is required and is displayed prominently on the calendar
  • Event Title: This field is optional, but is displayed on the listings page of the calendar. It is a great way to include the name of the speaker, the title of the talk, or other information to grab the attention of potential attendees
Screenshots of calendar with event name and title indicated
  • Event Type: Select the Event Type from the drop down that closely matches your event. Some event types, such as Meetings, Appointments, or Exams are not displayed on the public calendar.
  • Primary Organization: You can only select one, so select the organization or group that is the primary sponsor of the event.
  • Additional Organizations: You can select several organizations in this field.
  • Event Description: This field is required and will be displayed on the public calendar. Provide as many details as possible to persuade viewers to attend your event. If you want to update the description at a later date, please email
  • Attached Files: This space can be used to attach your room set-ups, diagrams or other documents that might be helpful with scheduling your event. You may also now submit images to be displayed with your event on the public calendar.
  • Hide Event Location on Public Calendar: This lets you hide the location of the event from the web calendar if you don’t want the location known but you still are wanting your event put on the public/web calendar.
  • I have included an image in the attachments: If you have uploaded image files in the “Attached Files” field, select “yes.”
  • Publish To the Public Calendar: Yes means that it will be on the web calendar (calendar that the public as well as Grinnell students, faculty, and staff see)
  • Event Categories: Categories selected will be shown on the public calendar as “Audiences” or “Tags.” Please select ALL that apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Upload image files in the Attached Files field
  • Select "yes" in the I have included an image in the attachments field.

For each event, please indicate which audiences are invited to the event: students, faculty/staff, alumni, prospective students, student families, and/or general public. To do this:

  • In the event form, go to Categories.
  • Select the proper audience(s) by checking the boxes. The options are:
    • Audience – Alumni
    • Audience – Faculty/Staff
    • Audience - Public
    • Audience – Prospective Students
    • Audience – Student Families
    • Audience - Students

A tag is a word or phrase that describes your event's content. By selecting a tag for your event, you associate your event with others that use the same tag. For instance, if you select the category/tag "Family Weekend" for your event, the event description will include a link to all of the other events for Family Weekend. It can be a really powerful tool to help people find events that are interesting to them based on other events they've enjoyed.

  • In the event form, go to Categories.
  • Select the proper tag(s) by checking the boxes.

Please email to make any changes to your events after you've submitted them.

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