About Artists@Grinnell

Artists@Grinnell is the new artist-in-residence program, bringing established artists working in fine arts, music, theater, dance, creative writing, and cross-disciplinary practices to campus. As a means of modeling and developing creative thinking at all levels of teaching and learning, visiting artists each year will bring new work and creative processes to campus to inspire undergraduates, to mentor faculty and staff, and to build partnerships with alumni and the surrounding community. Bringing artists with practices that aren’t typically offered in Grinnell courses is of special interest to this program.

A@G was made possible through an Innovation Fund grant from 2013, and is organized in a collaborative effort by Faulconer Gallery, the Art, Music, and Theatre & Dance Departments, and Writers@Grinnell. It is supported by a Fifth-Year Assistant Fellow, an annual position available to graduating fourth-years who are interested in remaining in Grinnell to develop and maintain the A@G program.