Tuition, Billing, and Financial Aid

Fall 1 Announcement, July 20, 2020

Billing and Financial Aid Updates

Charges for room, board, and the activity fee will be removed unless you petition successfully to live on campus. The Fall 1 payment deadline has been extended to August 7, 2020. If enrolled in a payment plan, it will adjust automatically when charges are removed.

Residency Grants for Fall 1 will be removed. If a Residency Grant is not a part of your award, you should see no change.

Remember to complete the online waiver if you are covered by your state Medicaid or other ACA compliant policy, and the charge will be removed from your bill. Students currently on a state Medicaid plan should continue with it until they are approved to come to campus. At that time they may apply for the College’s student health insurance with assistance in covering the cost.

Students will receive an email from Student Accounts when the bill is updated. For those with changes to financial aid an email will be sent when the revision is made.

Tuition Rates

Tuition rates for each term in 2020-21 are equal to one-half of a regular semester. Students will only pay for the terms in which they enroll.

Full-Time (6-10 credits) Tuition per Term = $14,047

Part-Time (1-5 credits) Tuition per Term = $1,756 x (Number of Enrolled Credits)

Room and Board Rates

Room and board rates for each term in 2020-21 are equal to one-half of a regular semester.

Room Rate per term =  $1,637

Board Rate per Term = $1,829

Financial Adjustments for Online Enrollment

The College is investing in additional technological support and retaining its full complement of academic support structures and resources, which will be consistently available to students learning online and on campus. There are no instructional cost savings for Grinnell to pass along to students who enroll online. Consequently, we will not apply a universal discount to the cost of courses offered online. In addition to the room and board savings for students living away from Grinnell, every student who enrolls full-time in each fall and spring term will be awarded the COVID-19 Response Grant for an annual total of up to $2,500. The College has budgeted additional financial aid for families whose finances were negatively impacted by COVID-19; please contact the Financial Aid Office to explore additional need-based funding opportunities.

Billing Schedule

Grinnell will revise its billing schedule for 2020-21. Additionally, financial aid will be adjusted to match this schedule. The College will be billing on a per-term basis according to the schedule below (subject to change):

Billing Schedule (Updated 8/19/2020)
  Fall 1
Fall 2 
Spring 1 
Spring 2 
(2021)- Optional
10-Jul 18-Sep 11-Dec 19-Feb 7-May
Due Date
14-Aug 16-Oct 11-Jan 19-Mar 24-May


Student Activity Fee

The activity fee will be charged on a per-term basis to those students who are living on campus during that term and any off-campus students who have been invited to take on-campus classes during that term.


A student withdrawing from the College within the first three weeks of the term is held responsible for tuition, room, board (meal plan), and other fees on a prorated basis as of the date the student withdraws. If a student withdraws after three weeks into the term, no tuition, room, meal plan, and other fees will be refunded. The same policy applies to emergency leaves. Tuition, room, board, and other fees will not be refunded for students suspended or dismissed for academic or conduct reasons during the semester.

Health Insurance

Students will be required to have appropriate health insurance coverage. Health insurance options will be made available to students. We are working with United Healthcare to determine specifics and will provide information here when it becomes available.

Payment Plan Options

A payment plan with monthly installments will be available for each term. Each plan will include a $35 enrollment fee.

Fall 1: July, August

Fall 2: September, October, November

Spring 1: December, January, February

Spring 2: March, April, May

Financial Aid for Students Living at Home

Need-based financial aid awards will be updated to reflect the new academic calendar and any change to student living situations. Utilizing market data, Grinnell will create a budget for students living off-campus with their families that will be used to determine their cost of attendance (tuition, fees, room, board,books, supplies, personal expenses and transportation). The cost of attendance for students living on campus will remain the same. If the residence of a student’s family has been negatively altered as a result of the pandemic, they should contact the Financial Aid Office to explore available assistance. 

Students will be notified of any adjustments to their financial aid via email.

Understanding Your Aid Award

Visit the Financial Aid Web Page for additional information.

Recorded Informational Webinars

Screenshot of financial aid webinar

Navigating Your Updated Financial Aid Award

Webinar for returning students and their families, recorded July 8, 2020.
Presentation File (PDF)

Screenshot of financial aid webinar

Navigating Your Updated Financial Aid Award

Webinar for new and transfer students and their families, recorded July 7, 2020.
Presentation File (PDF)

Screenshot of financial aid webinar

Understanding Your Bill

Recording of July 14, 2020 webinar.
Presentation File (PDF)

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