Grinnell College is committed to providing a learning and working environment that is free from all forms of discrimination and conduct that can be considered harassing, coercive, or disruptive, including sexual harassment

The College will not tolerate sexual harassment, sexual violence, sexual assault, or intimate partner violence. The College is prepared to take all appropriate steps to prevent and correct such behavior, including providing interim remedies and accommodations and support for the Complainants, conducting a Title IX review of the conduct, pursuing informal resolution, or taking formal conduct (corrective) action against the Respondent/s.

Grinnell College Policy, Procedures and Guide to Preventing, Reporting, and Responding to Sexual Misconduct  and Other Forms of Interpersonal Violence 

I. Purpose and Intent

II. Scope

III. Related Policies

IV. Title IX 

V. Privacy and Confidentiality 

VI. Prohibited Conduct 

VII. Consent and Related Topics 

VIII. Prohibited Relationships by Persons in Authority 

IX. Resources and Support 

X. Reporting and Community Responsibility 

XI. Responding to a Report: Initial Assessment and Interim Measures 

XII. Informal and Formal Resolution Options 

XIII. Prevention and Education Programs 


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