Student jobs on campus are funded by Grinnell College and the Federal Government. Many jobs are available on campus for students with or without demonstrated financial need. Students who work eight hours a week can expect to earn about $2,200 during the academic year. Total earnings will depend on the number of hours worked.

New students receiving need-based Federal Work-study or Campus/Grinnell Employment will be assigned their first job. Returning students are expected to return to their previous position. All students are free to search for new positions at any time. New students will receive detailed information in the summer regarding job selection.

All students must complete employment forms during New Student Orientation or at the Office of the Cashier before beginning employment. Questions regarding your campus employment or Federal Work-study award should be directed to the Office of Financial Aid. The Office of Student Employment is available to assist current students with all aspects of working on campus, from payroll forms to guidance on finding open campus positions.

Note: International Students must have employment authorization. Most International Students hold F-1 status, which allows for this opportunity. 

Federal Work-Study

  • Federally-subsidized student employment based on financial need
  • Eligible to perform community service for work-study award
  • Not less than *$8.00 per hour 

Campus Employment & Grinnell Work-Study

  • College-sponsored student employment
  • Not less than *$8.00 per hour

Pay Categories

Note for E-time: The E-time system will default to Category III.  Supervisors must make the proper adjustment to Category I, Category II, and Category IV.  The Category IV rate is only applicable to the specific positions listed below. If you have questions concerning which Category a student position falls under, please send the job description to the Mark Watts, Student Employment Coordinator, for review.

Pay Classification *Wage Rate Dining Contract
Category I $8.00 N/A
Category II $8.50 N/A
Category III $9.00 $9.50
Category IV $9.50 $10.25

*New rate effective August 1, 2017

Category I

Performs routine, non-complex work. May require a brief orientation period. No previous training required and works under direct supervision, or position requires only minimum training. The position requires primarily answering the phone or giving direction. Examples include mail room, PEC cage, Weight Room, campus security parking and building monitors, etc.

Category II

Entry level wage for those positions in Category III that require a training period. The training must be part of a program approved by the Student Employment Coordinator.

Category III

Semi-skilled jobs that require previous experience and/or necessitate acquiring a skill(s) to maintain the position. Positions considered essential/critical to the institution and/or positions that are deemed hard to fill and/or supervisory. May perform specialized work. Performs technical/paraprofessional work requiring a combination of training, acquired basic scientific or technical knowledge, analytical and/or manual skills. Requires knowledge and application of specific work procedures. Also requires some developed skills such as operation of office equipment, composition, small equipment operation, or interaction with the public. May require little or no supervision. Examples include academic programs, Financial Aid Office, Registrar, Bookstore, Admission tour guides, athletic trainers, physical plant, Admission newspaper "Ins and Outs," Campus Security Dispatchers, Craft Workshop student employees, Library Specialty Coordinator, Computer User Consultants, Annual Giving Specialist, and Admission VISA Coordinator student employees.

Category IV

Supervisory position reserved for Annual Giving Specialist supervisors, Admission Fellows, Peer Mentors/Tutors, ITS Technology Consultant Coordinators, and Dining Services student supervisors. All other supervisory positions will fall under Category III.


Hourly rate begins at $9.50/hour with potential for accumulated experience pay after each semester.