Students and instructor on the border of Morocco

Institute for Global Engagement

Go Global at Grinnell

The Grinnell Institute for Global Engagement creates opportunities for students and faculty to develop their knowledge of the world.  The Institute works to advance Grinnell’s global learning goals by facilitating collaboration across academic departments, centers, and programs to promote international learning and research. The Institute includes initiatives related to short-term and faculty-led programs abroad, off-campus study, support for language learning, co-curricular engagement, and strategic partnerships.


To foster global learning through critical inquiry, intercultural exchange, and community engagement. 


To lead and support engagement with international education in scholarly, pedagogical, professional, experiential, and ethical dimensions to prepare students for an interculrtural world; to make transformational learning available to all members of Grinnell College by organizing, supporting, and co-sponsoring initiatives in global engagement. 

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