A Global Envoy is a student-held position designed to provide peer advising to students who are interested in off-campus study, internships, and other global opportunities. Grinnell Global Envoys represent a broad range of international experiences and offer a deep knowledge about the myriad of course-embedded and off-campus programs that are offered through Grinnell and in partnership. 

The Global Envoys provide weekly walk-in advising hours. 

Or by appointment.

Global Envoys are a great resource for all students considering off-campus programs to discuss options, the application process, concerns, and any other general questions that may arise when choosing a program.

Institute for Global Engagement Global Envoys serve as peer mentors

Five Students Are Working As Global Envoys This Semester

Haley Jo Cutrone ’19

Haley Jo Cutrone Grinnell College student and global envoy

Lead Envoy Haley Jo Cutrone ’19 is a third year history major with a concentration in European studies from Hollis Center, Maine.

Her first year, she participated in the Global Learning Program Tutorial Tolerance and Intolerance: What is Enlightenment Today?, which took her to France and Germany. She joined the IGE in her second year to help other Grinnellians connect with international opportunities while at Grinnell. This spring, she will spend a semester in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where she looks forward to exploring the history and culture of the city through its museums and street art.

Valencia Alvarez ’20

Valencia GLP Envoy traveling in Berlin, Germany on Global Learning Program Tutorial Valencia Alvarez ’20 is a third year biology major and Latin American studies concentrator from Yucaipa, California.

Valencia participated in the 2017 Global Learning Program Tutorial, Crossing Borders: Migration & Membership in the 21st Century, which took her to Southwestern U.S., Spain, Greece, and Germany. She joined IGE in her second year as the first GLP Envoy for the Global Health GLP Tutorial which took her on her second international program to Costa Rica, Cuba and then Denmark. Spring 2019, she will sprend a semester in Santiago, Chile, where she looks forward to exploring the culture of the city and their health care system.

Eva (Mimi) Sarai ’18

Mimi Sarai is a Grinnell College Global Envoy and studied in DenmarkEva (Mimi) Sarai ’18 is a fourth year psychology major and neuroscience concentrator from St. Louis, Missouri.

She joins IGE and OCS after several internship experiences abroad, in South America and Europe, and a semester abroad in Copenhagen through the DIS program. She has a passion for traveling the world and finds that one of the best ways to get to know a new place is to experience the food culture and utilize the common modes of transportation, whether by foot, train, bicycle, or all of the above!

Yolana Martin ’20

Yolana Martin is an institute for global engagement global envoyYolana (Yoli) Martin ’20 is a third year biology major from Madison, Wisconsin.

She has come to IGE after having multiple long-term experiences abroad in Germany and Slovakia, as well as having experience in multiple languages. Fall 2018, she plans to study in Copenhagen, Denmark. She finds that one of the best parts of travelling is using the host country’s language, whether it be using the only five words she knows to order a coffee, or to have a conversation with her host family.