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Global Envoys

The Global Envoy Program is a new addition to the overall mission and student resources of the Institute for Global Engagement. Our first global envoys began in the 2017–18 academic year. A global envoy is a student-held position designed to provide peer advising to students who are interested in off-campus study, internships, and other global opportunities. Grinnell global envoys represent a broad range of international experiences and offer a deep knowledge about the myriad of course-embedded and off-campus programs that are offered through Grinnell and in partnership. Currently, there are five global envoys working with IGE.  

The global envoys provide weekly walk-in advising hours, which are up-to-date (spring 2019) as follows: 

  • Monday through Thursday 9 a.m.–noon
  • Friday 1 p.m.–5 p.m.

Or email for an appointment.

Global envoys are a great resource for all students considering off-campus programs to discuss options, the application process, concerns, and any other general questions that may arise when choosing a program.

Six Students Serve as Global Envoys 

Haley Jo Cutrone ’19 

Lead Envoy Haley Jo Cutrone ’19 is a fourth year history major and European studies concentrator from Hollis Center, Maine.  

Haley joined the IGE as a second year, after participating in the 2016 Global Learning Program Tutorial, Tolerance and Intolerance: What is Enlightenment Today?, which took her to France and Germany. She is excited to be back at the IGE helping other Grinnellians connect with international opportunities after spending the spring 2018 semester in Belfast, Northern Ireland, studying Irish history and European minority rights at Queen’s University Belfast through the Arcadia program. Her favorite part of traveling is that a new setting often makes her appreciate little things she doesn’t always notice at home, like how something as simple as a change in the light can completely transform a street she walks down every day.

Valencia Alvarez ’20

Valencia Alvarez ’20 is a third year biology major and Latin American studies concentrator from Yucaipa, California.

Valencia participated in the 2017 Global Learning Program Tutorial, Crossing Borders: Migration & Membership in the 21st Century, which took her to Southwestern U.S., Spain, Greece, and Germany. She joined IGE in her second year as the first GLP envoy for the Global Health GLP Tutorial which took her on her second international program to Costa Rica, Cuba and then Denmark. Spring 2019 she will spend the semester in Santiago, Chile, where she is exploring the culture of the city and their health care system.

Prajita Niraula ’21

Prajita Niraula ’21 is a second year undeclared major from Kathmandu, Nepal.  

Prajita participated in the 2018 Global Learning Program Tutorial, Global Health Systems, for which she traveled to Cuba, Costa-Rica, and Denmark. In three countries, she participated in discourses on global health from both sociological and biological perspectives in order to analyze the importance of factors surrounding global health system such as health policy advocacy, socio-economic constraints, legal instruments, and environmental issues. She joined IGE in her second year. She is passionate about traveling to different places in order to understand the social phenomena taking place in societies around the globe.

Yoli Martin ’20

Yolana (Yoli) Martin ’20 is a third year biology major from Madison, Wisconsin.

She has come to IGE after having multiple long-term experiences abroad in Germany and Slovakia, as well as having experience in multiple languages. Fall 2018, she studied in Copenhagen, Denmark. She finds that one of the best parts of traveling is using the host country’s language, whether it be using the only five words she knows to order a coffee, or to have a conversation with her host family.

Kaya Prasad ’19

Kaya Prasad ’19 is a fourth-year from Richmond, Virginia.  She is an independent major studying global and community development. 

After a variety of experiences overseas — including volunteer work in Cambodia and Costa Rica; a whirlwind tour of Singapore; and a language-immersive semester in Yunnan, China, in fall 2017, where she studied the impacts of social, economic, and religious policy on communities — Kaya is excited to work with IGE helping other students fuel their curiosities about and pursue their passions in the wide world.  She appreciates the way similarities between people seen amid cultural differences underscore our common humanity.

Camille Hall ’19

Camille Hall ’19 is a fourth-year biology major and environmental studies concentrator from Deer Park, Wisconsin.  

After spending a semester in the Turks and Caicos Islands and, unexpectedly, Panamá and Costa Rica in the fall of 2017, she joins IGE to help other Grinnellians discover and navigate international opportunities. She finds that the best experiences can come from the most unforeseen detours! 

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