Answer serious questions.

March 27, 2015

You have serious questions about how the world works — and you’re ready to conduct real research to explore them. Many Grinnellians apply for our selective Mentored Advanced Project program, which provides a dose of graduate-level research as an undergraduate. Whether or not you take on a MAP, working one-on-one with your professors proves essential to your intellectual growth at Grinnell. Together, you shape and investigate original topics in the sciences, social sciences, or humanities. Your professors regularly guide you toward publishing and presenting your results in a professional setting — and that gives you a huge advantage when you apply for grad school or your post-college job.

No wonder Grinnellians get mistaken for graduate students at national conferences.

Recent MAPs

  • On Ethics and Economics
  • Russian Public Opinion: Mass Perspectives on the United States and China
  • The Grinnell Beowulf: A Translation with Notes
  • Altering Clay: Enhancing Daily Rituals
  • Big Meat, Small Towns: The Meatpacking Industry’s Shift to Rural America and the Reemergence of Company Towns
  • The Rise of Majority-Minority Districts in Rural Iowa
  • Grinnellians in the Era of Disunion

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