Professors Jeff Blanchard, Joe Mileti, and Jen Paulhus spent some, or all, of spring break working on research outside of the United States.

Jeff Blanchard visited a collaborator in Edinburgh for a week of intensive writing for an ongoing project. The trip to Scotland paid off with a 50 page paper submitted at the end of Spring Break.

Joe Mileti spent a month and a half in Argentina participating in the Buenos Aires Semester in Computability, Complexity, and Randomness. Between January and June, over 40 researchers in mathematics and computer science across the world came together to present and discuss their work. Joe gave a talk on April 10 about his research on primes in computable rings.

Jen Paulhus was in Santiago, Chile for two weeks beginning a collaboration with a faculty member at the Universidad de Chile. She also gave a talk about her research to graduate students there.

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