The Grinnell College Putnam team placed 46th out of 546 teams from across the U.S. and Canada. The annual exam took place in December with 16 Grinnell students among the 4296 students who took the exam. Grinnell College had four students score at least a 20:

  • Klevi Xhaxho: 28 points (individual rank: 641.5)
  • Benjy Greenberg: 26 points (individual rank: 679.5)
  • Colin Grove: 20 points (individual rank: 883)
  • Alyce Eaton: 20 points (individual rank: 883)

The first three were members of the Grinnell's "team" (all contestants take part individually but three students are identified before the contest and the sum of their scores forms the team score). Congratulations to all the Putnam participants.

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