Every year, Grinnell students from near and far share some of their favorite foods from home in a decades-old tradition: the International Student Organization’s Food Bazaar.

This year, more than 100 chefs prepared 52 appetizers, entrees, beverages, and desserts, with recipes representing 34 countries and 6 continents.

Three recipes earned the annual Chef’s Choice Awards, presented by Grinnell College Executive Chef Scott Turley:

  • First place: Krit Petrachaianan ’17 and Serena Hocharoen ’17, Tom Yam Soup
  • Second place: Thu Htet ’14 and Zaw Bo ’17, Shan Noodles
  • Third place: Tim Hoffman ’14 and Pavlo Nikolaidis ’14, Peking Duck

Turley features winning recipes in the Marketplace dining hall in the spring.

A sample of other dishes includes:

  • Banana & Red Bean Breakfast Dish, Guatemala
  • Dovi Stew, Zimbabwe
  • Gelado Rico, Brazil
  • Tajine Sebnekh, Tunisia
  • Mousse au Speculoos, Belgium
  • Šunkofleky, Czech Republic
  • Keftedakia Tiganita, Greece
  • Papa a la Huancaina, Peru
  • Chips Mayai w/ Kachumbari, Tanzania
  • Khao Man Kai, Thailand

Philippines United Student Organization and Typhoon Haiyan

This year, in a tribute to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan, the Philippines United Student Organization (PUSO) sang their national anthem and invited food bazaar guests to contribute to typhoon relief.

Although singing the national anthem was “nerve-wracking,” says Veronica Vergara ’15, it “helped us get in touch with our Filipino heritage.

“The song speaks of the strength of our nation and that our people will do anything for our love of our country. We know the truth within the anthem, because we are doing everything in our power to help the country back in its feet even if we are far away."

They prepared four dishes that reminded them of their cultural pride. “Desserts like Bibingka and Leche Flan were cooked by our mothers or our lolas (grandmothers) for special occasions such as Christmas or family gatherings,” Vergara explains. “Yema and pastillas are a kind of milk candy we ate growing up, either bought in the streets, brought home as pasalubong, or made at home as a special treat."

About the Food Bazaar

The food bazaar is organized by the International Student Organization (ISO) in collaboration with the Office of International Student Affairs. Special thanks to the Student Government Association, Student Activities Fund, Dining Services, Facilities Management, and Fareway Grocery.

“It is an absolute pleasure to work with the ISO leadership team on this event. Kudos to Iulia Iordache ’15 and the 2013-14 cabinet for another successful food bazaar,” says Karen Edwards, associate dean and director of international student affairs.

2013-14 ISO Cabinet

The ISO Cabinet, the power behind the scenes, organized the chefs, purchased and distributed the food, and kept the whole bazaar running smoothly.


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