Meet your mentor.

March 27, 2015

While we avoid rote requirements at Grinnell, we place a high value on relationships. Starting your first semester, we pair you with a wise mentor and trusted partner who helps you design and deploy your own academic plan.

You and your adviser meet frequently to craft your individual curriculum — your course selections, research endeavors, and off-campus study opportunities. So, no matter what your major, your journey through Grinnell never looks quite like anyone else’s. Through this intensive, personalized process, you inquire profoundly, reflect honestly, and build an incomparable intellectual friendship that can last a lifetime.

And don’t expect your adviser to simply sign off on your plan from day one. An important part of your adviser’s role could be suggesting areas of study that you might be inclined to avoid. Often, less-traveled avenues of inquiry can enrich and balance your chosen course of study. The breadth of study you obtain by working closely with your adviser prepares you to approach questions you haven’t yet formulated, in fields and professions you haven’t yet imagined.

Ready to take the next step? Visit campus, learn how to apply, understand our generous financial aid policies, or just get more information about Grinnell.

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