Over winter break, several members of the department attended the Joint Mathematics Meeting in Baltimore, the largest annual gathering of mathematicians and statisticians in the world. Chris Hellmann ('16) and Brennan Langenbach ('16) presented a poster entitled "Symplectic Transformations as R-Lagrangian Subspaces"€ based on MAP research from the previous summer. David Brown ('14) also presented a poster entitled "Enumeration and Projection Dependence of 1-Singular Knots" from his summer research at James Madison University. Recent alumna Bridget Toomey ('13) gave a talk on "Novel Approaches for Evaluating Phases and Orientations of Polycrystalline Structures". 

Faculty members in attendance included Professor Marc Chamberland who gave a talk on "Averaging Structure in the 3x 1 Problem"€, Professor Emily Moore, Professor Tom Moore, and Professor Shonda Kuiper who presented a talk "Designing Simulated Experiments in the Introductory Statistics Course"€, along with being a co-author on two other talks, and presenting a poster "Playing games with a Purpose: A New Approach to Teaching and Learning Statistics€". 

Professors Marc Chamberland and Chris French also exhibited a piece in the juried mathematical art exhibition (picture above).

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