A lot happens during the summers in Grinnell’s libraries.  This year, we successfully:  

  • Created a clean, well-lit place (see image above) on Burling’s second floor, with ample individual and group study tables and moveable marker boards.
  • Refreshed Leggett Study Terrace, also found on Burling’s second level, with new upholstery, improved lighLeggett Study Terrace in Burling Libraryting for exhibited art, sizable bean bag chairs and added plants to take advantage of the sunny southern exposure.   



Newly painted stairwells in Burling Library

  • Painted portions of the lobby area and open stairways on the main floor, nicely complementing the green and red tones found throughout the building.


  • Placed an Epson scanner in Burling Media Room.
  • Relocated the music scores to Burling’s fourth floor, where more shelving and wide aisles make the collectionMusic Scores Moved to 4th Floor Burling Library easily accessible.






Enjoy these spaces, and let us know if you have any thoughts or suggestiBurling Library Questions and Comment Boardons by contacting Mark Christel, Director of Grinnell College Libraries, or posting a note on the questions and comments board on the northwest center wall on first floor Burling.

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