Pioneer Bookshop Tips on Getting the Best Value When Buying Textbooks

September 29, 2016

Perhaps you find a great price on a textbook online and order it. It takes a few days (or maybe longer) for the book to show up in the mail. You open the package, and the book isn't what you thought you were getting. Maybe it's the wrong edition. Maybe it looks tie-dyed with yellow, pink, and green highlighting. Or maybe the book's fine, but the professor decides you don't need it, and it won’t be used after all. Now you have to figure out how to return it and decide whether or not it's worth the shipping charges. Can you relate to this story? The staff at the Pioneer Bookshop hear these stories every semester.

The Pioneer Bookshop's mission is to provide Grinnell College students with the materials professors require for them to succeed. We do our best to have the correct book, in the correct edition, at the lowest cost to the student that we can manage. If we make a mistake, or if the professor decides not to use the book, the student can return the book to us for a full refund (if he or she bought or rented the book from us). Students can also return the book to us for a full refund if they decide to drop the class. If your student prefers the convenience of delivery to his or her mailbox on campus, he or she can order the books from our website. Our goal is to have every book available in the store on or before the first day of classes.

The great thing about buying your textbooks at the Pioneer Bookshop is that you know who you're dealing with and you know right where we are. We're here to answer any questions that may arise. We welcome you to give us a call, or better yet, stop by the bookshop when you're in town and say hello.

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