Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Symposium

April 06, 2017

April 17–20, 2017, & performances in April, May

Students across all divisions will present their research papers, posters, and creative work in a week-long symposium April 17-20, 2017, with additional performances scheduled through late April and early May. The symposium is free and open to the public.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Opening Reflections

7–9 p.m., Faulconer Gallery, Bucksbaum Center for the Art

Join us as Ralph Savarese, Leif Brottem, and Charlotte Christensen reflect on the value of research and creative work in their scholarly pursuits.

Following their presentations, view the BAX: Bachelor of Arts Exhibition, a juried show featuring the work of third- and fourth-year students. These events will be followed by a dessert reception in Bucksbaum rotunda.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Poster sessions and moderated panels. A light lunch is available in the Joe Rosenfield ’25 Center second-floor lobby.

Poster Session #1

11 a.m.–1 p.m., Joe Rosenfield ’25 Center, Room 101

  • Charlotte Kanzler ’17, “Bayesian Statistics and Publication Bias”
  • Zixi Wang ’17, “Gas Phase Proton Exchange Mechanism for Histidine Derivatives”
  • Megan Treichel ’17, “Impedance Studies of Silyl/Carbonate Electrolyte Blends”
  • Richard Li ’17, “Kinetic Characterization of Mutant Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase (MTHFR) Enzymes”
  • Scott Beecher ’18, “Measuring lithium and fluorine diffusion in electrolytes for use in lithium-ion batteries with PFG-STE NMR”
  • Jonathan Sundby ’17, “A Different Vision: Replacing the Affordable Care Act”
  • Kieran Connolly ’17, “Russia and Arctic Policy”
  • Teodora Cakarmis ’17, “Preventing Violent Conflict by Mitigating Climate Change”
  • Jacob Metz-Lerman ’17, “Reviewing U.S. Refugee Resettlement Policy”
  • Riley Drexler ’17, “Sports Gambling Policy in the U.S.”
  • Toby Baratta ’17, “Sociological Ethnography on Kink”
  • Jack Thornton ’17, “LGBTQ-Inclusive Sex Education in the U.S.”
  • Julia Dornbusch ’17 and Nora Sahel ’17, “Malian Migration in France: Impacts on Development”
  • Ben Binversie ’17, Ellen Schneider ’17, and Ruth Isaac ’17, “Teaching Native History”
  • Marisa Leib-Neri ’17, “Solving the Disability Housing Crisis”
  • Kevin Molina ’17, “The Gun Show Loophole: A Policy Analysis”
  • Shalaika Lewis ’17, “Medication Pricing within the United States”
  • Oonagh Jordan ’17, “Using Housing Policy to Address Urban Segregation and Educational Disparities”
  • Christine Hood  ’17, “Access Early Childhood Education”
  • Glorianne Dorce ’17, “Detecting Concentrations of Steroidal Hormones in Water Samples Through Optimized SPE/UHPLC/MS Method”
  • Corey Alt ’17, “Fixing Obamacare: Solutions from the Right”
  • Rachel Aaronson ’17, “The Inequitable and Negative Impacts of School Suspension Policies in Chicago Public Schools”
  • Caleigh Ryan ’17, “Refugee Education Policy”

Moderated Panels

Childhoods and Youth in Context

11 a.m.–noon, Rosenfield Center, Room 227

  • Mona Choo ’17, “Working Class Representations of Childhood: Sata Ineko's ‘Kyarameru kōjō kara’ and Miyazawa Kenji’s ‘Kaze no Matasaburō’”
  • Nirabh Koirala ’17, “Establishing the Impact of Fostering on Children in West Africa”
  • Ayesha Mirzakhail ’17, “When Girls Become Boys”

Making Meaning/Effacing Meaning: Art, Commerce, and Politics

11 a.m.–noon, Rosenfield Center, Room 226

  • James Caruso ’18, “Gauguin, Matisse, and Utopia: Colonial Imagination in Early 20th-Century French Painting”
  • Emma Cibula ’17, “South of the Confederacy: Confederate Symbols in Argentine Clothing and the Erasure of History”
  • Yanyan Liu ’17, “The Origin and the Symbolic Meanings of the Peculiar Portraits of the Hongwu Emperor”

In the Court of Public Opinion: Legal and Policy Reform

11 a.m.–noon, Rosenfield Center, Room 209

  • May Kurata ’19, “Understanding the Public Opinion on Sexual Assault in Japan: How the Online Media Reacted to Reforming the Rape Penal Codes”
  • Matt Medrano ’17, “Armed Contractor Accountability”
  • Jonathan Sundby ’17, “The Ulama and the King: A Guide in Constraining Absolute Power”
  • Adriana Zenteno Hopp ’17, “Meaning-making in the Courtroom: Loyalty, Rebelliousness, and Limpieza de Sangre in the Aftermath of the Great Rebellion”

States of Being: Contested Bodies and Corporeal Practices

11 a.m.–noon, Rosenfield Center, Room 225

  • Vincent Benlloch ’18, “‘Going to Meet the Man’ and the Homoerotics of White Supremacy”
  • Hannah Boggess ’18, “Abortion in Catholic Nation-States: Ireland, Poland, and Biopolitics”
  • Talera Jensen ’19, “The Refusal of Russian Motherhood”
  • Rebekah Rennick ’17, “Gay Liberation in the Liberal Arts”

(Re)Constructing the State: Memory, Culture, and Citizenship

Noon–1 p.m., Rosenfield Center, Room 225

  • Gabriella Gensheimer ’17, “The Impact of the Soviet Union on Cuba’s 1966 Literary Boom”
  • Mari Holmes ’17, “The Masculine Memory: Remembering Women in Post-1965 Indonesia”
  • Molly Kraus-Steinmetz ’17, “Immigrants into Citizens (and Back Again): The Development of Israeli Identity in Jewish Immigrants to Israel”
  • Strahinja Matejic ’17, “International Alliances in the Process of Democratization”

Media Publics: Identity and Belonging

Noon–1 p.m., Rosenfield Center, Room 209

  • SoYeong Jeong ’18, “TV Documentary Portrayals of Female Marriage Migrants and Implications on Migrant Citizenship in Korea”
  • Ifetayo Olutosin ’18, “The Exploitation of the Body of the Afro-Ecuadorian Soccer Player”
  • Nadiri Saunders ’17, “Race Is a Fan Culture: Internet Communities’ Mediation of Black Female Bodies”
  • Madison Wardlaw ’20, “Inclusiveness Examined in Beyonce's Lemonade”

Feast/Famine: Food Studies in History, Policy, and Ethnography

Noon–1 p.m., Rosenfield Center, Room 227

  • Dhruv Gupta ’17, “Food Subsidy Based on Nutrition”
  • Julia Schafer ’18, “CAFOs, Conflict, and Compromise: An Ethnographic Approach to Attitudes Toward Livestock Production and Related Conflict in Iowa”
  • Elizabeth Stepp ’19, “Lass Sie Kuchen Essen”

Cognition, Perception, Ability, and Difference

Noon–1 p.m., Rosenfield Center, Room 226

  • Marisa Leib-Neri ’17, “Relational Soup: Towards a More-Than-Human Theory of Mind”
  • Alex Neckopulos ’17, “The Creation of Black”
  • Demarco Saffold ’20, “‘There Is No God’: Capitalism and Colonization in Third World Cinema”
  • Brianna Wilson ’17, “Syntax of Negation in Iquito”

Matters of Faith: Evolution and Exclusion in Religious Community-Building

Noon-1 p.m., Rosenfield Center, Room 202

  • Zhi Chen ’17, “Maintaining the Cosmic Order: Western Disruption and the Feng Shui Response in Late Imperial China”
  • Sydney Hamamoto ’19, “Building Community: The ‘Religious’ Life of Japanese American Youth in Internment Camps (1942–1945)”
  • Kyle Lindsey ’19, “God is Change: Calls for Church Reform Through African-American Literature”
  • Julia Schafer ’18, “Muslim Public Intellectuals: Revealing Conditional Participation Through Circulation”

Poster Session #2

4 p.m. – 6 p.m., Burling Library Lounge

Light refreshments will be available.

  • Jane Jordan ’18 and Amanda Bressoud ’17, “Effectiveness of two herbivory deterrent treatments on survival of Asclepias species in restored tallgrass prairie”
  • Annika Helverson ’18, “The Effectiveness of Aesthetically Pleasing Rain Gardens”
  • Chae Kyung Jeon ’17, “Characterization of methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase oligomers utilizing hydrogen/deuterium exchange coupled with liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry”
  • Zican Shen ’17, “Total Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Tryptamide Derivatives”
  • Jue Wang ’18, “Conformational analysis of MTHFR and binding site mutants utilizing hydrogen-deuterium exchange and mass spectrometry”
  • Ruoxu Xia ’18, “Synthesis of Ketimine”
  • Jongbeom Park ’18, “Protective functions of pigments against solar radiation in Hawaiian damselfly Megalagrion calliphya”
  • Abraham Mhaidli ’17, “Energy Profiling with Alpaca”
  • Robin Crotteau ’17, “Imperial Ascent in Asia”
  • Sydney Bergman ’18, “The Culture of Remembrance in Small-Town Iowa Obituaries of Grinnell Civil War Veterans”
  • Anthony Fitzpatrick ’18, “Obituaries of Grinnell Civil War Veterans: Value, Race, and Identity in Small-Town Iowa”
  • Tyler Williams ’19, “Computing for Diversity”
  • Linda Oyolu ’17 and Ruth Wu ’17, “Algorithmic Accountability”
  • Helena Kleiner ’18, “Water and Women: Class-Based Effects of Water Scarcity in Madurai”
  • Jack Thornton ’17 and Denisha Renovales ’17, “Millennials in the Work Force: A Study on Grinnellians Navigating the Professional World”
  • Ben Binversie ’17, “Homeless Dogs on Native American Reservations: Toward a Policy Solution”
  • Rita Clark ’18, Julia Dornbusch ’17, Lucia Tonachel ’18, Rae Kuhlman ’18, and Moe Sabai ’18, “Traditional Approaches to Sustainable Development”
  • Oleksandr Kuzura ’17, “Phantom Games, or Steps Toward Non-Proton MRI”

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Posters on Display

8 a.m.–4 p.m., Rosenfield Center, Room 101


Light refreshments available outside Bucksbaum Center, Room 154 (Wall Theatre)

Art in Action: Music, Theatre, and Dance

4–5 p.m., Bucksbaum Center, Room 154 (Wall Theatre)

  • Daniel Delay ’17, “On Evanescence: An Original Composition for Cello and Piano”
  • Lauren Fenton ’17, “Fat Girl”
  • Jinlin He ’18, “Y O U S P A C E M E”
  • Sophiyaa Nayar ’17, “Elephant's Graveyard”

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Moderated Panel

A light lunch is available in the Rosenfield Center second-floor lobby.

The Political Arts: Memory, Identity, and Subversion

Noon-1 p.m., Rosenfield Center, Room 209

  • Sydney Bergman ’18, “Jacobite Rebellion of 1745 — Remembrance and Memorialization through Song”
  • Haley Jo Cutrone ’19, “‘To Remount the Ages’: Alexandre Lenoir and the Musée des Monuments Français”
  • Thanh Mai ’18, “Monarchy and the Arthurian Legend in the Queen’s Robing Room”
  • Fenyi Wu ’17, “Rethinking Erotic Prints in the Late Ming Dynasty: Guidebooks of Pleasure or Illustrations of Subversion?

Lost and Found in Translation: Ideas Past, Present, and Future

Noon–1 p.m., Rosenfield Center, Room 225

  • Jeremy Epstein ’19, “The Bayreuth of California: Nature in American Wagnerism”
  • Thomas Estabrook ’17, “Camillo Sitte: Building a New Understanding of Austrian Wagnerism”
  • Yanyan Liu ’17, “The Influence of Daodejing on Chinese Aesthetic and Environmental Thoughts”
  • Merlin Mathews ’17, “Almost, More, or Less than Human: Autism, Robot Therapy, and the Nonhuman Social Geographies of the Future”

System Analyses: Labor, Money, and Politics

Noon–1 p.m., Rosenfield Center, Room 226

  • Bence Borosi ’17, “Marijuana Policy in the United States — Reefer Madness, or High Time for Legalization?”
  • Jun Taek Lee ’18, “Econophysics Modeling of Dow 30”
  • Michael Porter ’17, “All Shapes and Sizes: A Categorization of 2014 Super PACs”
  • Karin Yndestad ’17, “Informal Labor in India: Understanding Interactional Labor”

Global Identities; Inclusion/Exclusion Assimilation/Resistance, and Embracing the “Other”

Noon–1 p.m., Rosenfield Center, Room 227

  • Jinna Kim ’17, “Limitations of Second-Generation Korean Americans’ Ethnic Options: Strategy, Labor, and Reward”
  • Farah Omer ’19, “Hyphens and Accents: The Hidden Violence of Assimilation”
  • Lisa Oyolu ’17, “Chinese Exclusion and Japanese Interment as a Lens to Understand U.S.-China Relations”

Rethinking the Classroom: Injustice, Inclusion, and International Exchange

4–5:30 p.m., Rosenfield Center, Room 209

Light refreshments available.

  • Sophie Wright ’17, “Grinnell's History of Cross-Cultural Exchange with China”
  • Ashley Jackson ’18, “Leading a Revolution from the Classroom: An Examination of the Oakland California School”
  • Lily Payne ’18, “In/equitable Group Interactions in Science Education”
  • Matthew McCarthy ’17, “Teaching Revolutionary Czechoslovakia, ’68 ’77 ’89”
  • Anita DeWitt ’17, Julia Fay ’18, Linda Oyolu ’17, Lukas Resch ’19, Kathryn Yetter ’18, and Elizabeth Zak ’18, “Arts Coding for Social Good: A Pilot Project for Middle-School Outreach”

Performances that will occur at a later date

  • April 8 Grinnell Singers
  • April 14 Grinnell Symphony Orchestra
  • April 15 Andrew Mack ’18 and Sam Han ’17, voice senior recital
  • April 15 Annika Peterson ’17, flute senior recital
  • April 20 Fresh Flutes
  • April 21 Nick Miguel, voice studio recital
    • Thomas Aldrich ’19
    • Emma Christoph ’18
    • Yonu Cha ’20
    • Amal Dadi ’17
    • Morgane Garnier ’19
    • Min Kim ’20
    • Ajuna Kyaruzi ’17
    • Kyra Neylan ’18
    • Ray Schroeder ’17
    • Sam Stickels ’19
    • Yi-Chia Wang ’20
    • Mike Zou ’19
  • April 21 Geneva Guadalupe ’17, voice senior recital
  • April 22 Young, Gifted, and Black Gospel Choir
  • April 23 Chamber Ensembles
  • April 23 Grace Bell ’17, flute senior recital
  • April 25 Percussion Ensemble
  • April 26 Harp Ensemble
  • April 28 Lisa Henderson, voice studio recital
    • Lauren Fenton ’17
    • Lily Hamilton ’19
    • Annie Levin ’19
  • April 28 Nick Miguel, voice studio recital
    • Nolan Boggess ’19
    • Mitsuki Fujio ’19
    • Stella Gatzke ’17
    • Jonathan Gilmour ’19
    • Ben Hoekstra ’19
    • Yinan Hui ’20
    • Michael Ma ’19
    • Gemma Nash ’19
    • Mara Rosenberg ’17
  • April 30 Grinnell Singers, Grinnell Oratorio Society, Grinnell Symphony Orchestra concert
  • May 13 Katie Krainc ’17, violin/baroque violin senior recital

Visit the Department of Music for up-to-date information about performance scheduling.

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