A Sense of Community in and out of the Lab

June 28, 2017

Students doing summer research in the department of chemistry have lots of opportunities to feel a sense of community. Most of the chemistry summer research students work with at least a couple other students within a lab, even if they are working on different research goals. Each student makes a presentation about their proposed research to the department during three half-day seminars. Faculty host two department picnics at their homes. Students and faculty work together to prepare one of the weekly city community meals during the summer. And at the end of the summer, they don their matching T-shirts for a poster session communicating the results of their ten-week research projects. 

These photographs were taken during the first department picnic at the home of Erick Leggans '05, assistant professor of chemistry. The young son of a faculty member wanders away from the group to admire some bright flowers. Mateusz Pietrusiak '19 takes charge of the grill. There's a break in the conversation while everyone gathers at the picnic tables to enjoy the meal.