Shonda Kuiper Receives National Science Foundation Grant

June 01, 2017
Shonda Kuiper with book
Professor of Mathematics and Statistics Shonda Kuiper recently received a $300,000 grant from the National Science Foundation’s Improving Undergraduate STEM Education program.  

The grant, titled "Student Engagement in Statistics Using Technology: Making Data Based Decisions," will enable Kuiper and her team to develop inquiry-based online games that simulate data-based decision-making embedded in a research-like experience. She will be collaborating with Rod Sturdivant of Azusa Pacific University and Noyce Visiting Professor in Computer Science, Ursula Wolz.

These inquiry-based games will help students understand and apply concepts from statistics and data science as they work with complex, "messy" datasets, Kuiper says.

Not only does this project build upon Kuiper’s nationally recognized work in statistics education, but it is a great corollary to the College's efforts to develop a curriculum in data science, which are supported by a grant from the Roy J. Carver Trust. 

Also participating in the project is Director of the Center for Teaching, Learning and Assessment David Lopatto, who will help develop an assessment tool for the games. 

This is Grinnell's first grant from the IUSE program, which is relatively new, although many Grinnell faculty members, including Kuiper and Lopatto, have previously received funding from the NSF for pedagogical projects.