Special Campus Memo: Faculty/Staff Conduct During Union Campaign

November 09, 2018
As has been previously communicated, the National Labor Relations Board has ordered a secret ballot election to determine if student campus employment positions should be covered by a union contract.
It is the College's position that a union is not appropriate in the educational setting and that a union would interfere with the institution's core educational mission. However, as the election has been scheduled, it is important to know that special labor relations rules apply during union campaigns. As a community and as individuals we must avoid doing anything that might violate or be alleged to violate labor laws; therefore, we urge you to take note of the following guidance.
Essentially, you should avoid conduct that could be characterized as threats, promises, interrogation, or surveillance. 
The College's legal counsel has offered the following advice: One way to avoid problems is to simply decline to discuss the topic if it arises. All supervisors are directed to take this approach. Likewise, faculty members who oversee student employees should refrain from any union-related discussions with students.
Other faculty and staff who choose to engage in union-related discussions should remember these rules: Avoid any statement that could be perceived as a threat or promise. Refrain from any conduct that could be interpreted as interrogation. Do not ask students how they or others intend to vote. Avoid any conduct that might be perceived as surveillance. Do not engage in or monitor union-related discussions students are having; treat these as private and protected conversations. 
If you have any questions please contact Keith Archer, Vice President for Finance and Treasurer of the College.

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