Student Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Symposium

April 11, 2018

April 16–19, 2018

​The annual Grinnell Student Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Symposium events will be held the week of April 16-19.

This exciting series of events will feature the work of more than 100 of our students.  Please plan to come and support them as they present papers, posters and performances.​

Monday, April 16

7–9 p.m. Opening Reflections, Faulconer Gallery

Join us as Jackie Brown, Lesley Wright, Wayne Moyer, and Kesho Scott reflect on the value of research and creative work in their scholarly pursuits.

Following their presentations, view the BAX: Bachelor of Arts Exhibition, a juried show featuring the work of third- and fourth-year students.

These events will be followed by a dessert reception in the rotunda, Bucksbaum Center for the Arts.

Tuesday, April 17

A light lunch is available in the Joe Rosenfield ’25 Center second-floor lobby.

Poster Session No. 1

11–11:50 a.m., Rosenfield Center, Room 101

  • Lucille Chechik ’18, “Oxantel derivatives reveal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor specificity”
  • David Neill Asanza ’19, “Student contributions to the LMFDB project”
  • Yanzhuo Li ’18, “RNF4 and its cancer-associated mutant have effects on genome instability”
  • Katherine McDonald ’19, “The Role of RNF4 in Oncogene-Induced Replication Stress”
  • Joy Suh ’19, Joseph Beggs ’19, “FRET to Detect Microtubule Nucleation”
  • Scott Beecher ’18, “Ionic Conductivity and Ion Dissociation for Organosilyl Electrolytes Using Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Experiments”
  • Thomas Derrah ’19, “Impedance Studies of Organosilyl Nitrile Solvents for Use in Lithium-Ion Batteries”
  • Junmian Zhu ’19, “NMR measurements of ion and solvent transport for organosilicon nitrile electrolytes”
  • Emily McClure ’18, “Synthesis and Characterization of α-substituted Chalcones and Alkenones”
  • Alexander Glebov-McCloud ’18, “Development of Techniques for the Structural Analysis of MTHFR with H/D Exchange and LC-MS”
  • Linqing Peng ’19, “A New Program for Three-Dimensional Quantification of Elemental Segregation to Precipitate Interfaces”
  • Hung Vuong ’19, “Gas Phase Structure and Hydrogen-Deuterium Exchange of Protonated Tripeptides containing L-Phenylalanine”

Moderated Panels


11–11:50 a.m., Rosenfield Center, Room 225

  • Bailey Bagneris ’19, “The McCarthy Front: U.S. Subversion of Radical Black Activism from 1940 to 1960”
  • Lucy Bales ’18, “The Impact of U.S. Troops on Terrorism”
  • Jessica Black ’18, “Controlling the Community: Gentrification and Police Brutality in Social Movement Organizations”
  • Ric Tennenbaum ’18, “The Pedophile, the Family, and Sustaining White Supremacy”

Health and Its Publics

11–11:50 a.m., Rosenfield Center, Room 209

  • Misha Laurence ’18, “Dr. Mary Jane, Her Patients, and the Evergreen State”
  • Naomi Runder ’19, “Confronting the Past: Lasting Effects of the Mbeki Era of AIDS Denialism”

Reading Identity and Community

11 a.m.–12:30 p.m., Rosenfield Center, Room 226

  • Luke Jarzyna ’18, “Imperatives for Community in Nella Larsen’s Quicksand”
  • Josephine Sloyan ’18, “Bestiary”
  • Rayyon Robinson ’19, Lana Katai ’21, Brianisha Frith ’19, Bailey Bagneris ’19, “Well-Read Black”

Poster Session No. 2

Noon–12:50 p.m., Rosenfield Center, Room 101

  • Yesenia Ayala ’18, “Correcting Colonial Latin American History”
  • Kayla Estes ’18, “A College Education in the New Economy: Accessibility, Feasibility, and Utility of a College Education for Low-Income and First-Generation Students in the 21st Century”
  • Madison L. Wardlaw ’20, “Teaching Native American History in Secondary Schools”
  • Evelyn Nkooyooyo ’18, “A Story of Angola: A National Literature and a National Language”
  • Jonathan Rebelsky ’20, “Recreation of Renaissance Wind Instrument with Modern Fabrication and Design”
  • Yun Zhao ’18, Luke Jarzyna ’18, Anne Rogers ’19, “The American Mbira”
  • Rachel Swoap ’19, Sam Nakahira ’19, Zachary Segall ’18, “The Uncle Sam Plantation Project”
  • Hannah Hwang ’18, Joon Young Lee ’18, “Odor and Conditioned Ghrelin Release”
  • Allyson Li ’18, “pH-dependent Studies of the Reductive Half-Reaction of Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase from Escherichia Coli”
  • Caitlyn Mohr ’19, “Assessing sibling recognition in the mating behaviors of the mosquito Culex pipiens”
  • Meghan Suzanne Riley ’19, “The Effects of Male Quality on Acoustic Song in Iowa Populations of Bush Katydids (Phaneropterinae:Scudderia)”

Moderated Panels

Culture, Race, and Media

Noon–12:50 p.m., Rosenfield Center, Room 209

  • Vincent Benlloch ’18, “Is It ‘New’ or Is It ‘Black Wave’? Debating Dissent and Intentionality in Postwar Yugoslav Film”
  • Kyle Lindsey ’19, “Black Identity and the Black Podcast Boom”
  • Tiffany Matzas ’19, “Casting a Shadow: Whiteness as Invisible Racial Category in Hollywood Casting Practices”

Religion and Otherness

Noon–12:50 p.m., Rosenfield Center, Room 225

  • DevonSimonne Carlton ’18, “Black Women and Buddhisms: A Multi-Methodological Approach to Religious and Racial Ontology”
  • Joshua Cussen ’19, “The Promise of Salvation”
  • Talera Jensen ’19, “Blessed Homosexuality: Chastity, Education, and Normativity in the Catholic Church”

Sports in Global and Local Perspective

Noon–12:50 p.m., Rosenfield Center, Room 227

  • Joshua Cottle ’18, “Swimming for More than Gold: How Swimming Participation and Success in Elite International Swimming Events Can Decrease Drowning Rates Across the World”
  • Carson Dunn ’18, “Do Championships Cause Crime?”

Poster Session No. 3

4–5:30 p.m., Rosenfield Center, Room 101

  • SoYeong Jeong ’18, “Hankook in Hanbok: Exploration of National Identity Through Korean Traditional Dress in Transnational Spaces”
  • Siyuan Du ’20, “Cardinal Richelieu — the vicious manipulator or the disillusioned protector?”
  • Beth Ann Hansen ’19, “The impact of management practice on insect community structure and diversity in tallgrass prairies”
  • Pouya Mahdi Gholami ’20, “Scrambler: Dynamic Layout Adaption”
  • Garrett Wang ’20, “Scrambler: Dynamic Layout Adaption”
  • Andrej Corkovic ’18, “Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Teixobactin Derivatives”
  • Mateusz Pietrusiak ’19, “Synthesis and Fragment-Based Biological Evaluation of Teixobactin Derivatives”
  • Haley O’Neill ’18, “Impacts of Untreated Manure Application for the Surrounding Exposed and Unexposed Soil Microbiome and the Presence of Multi-Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria”
  • Lily Payne ’18, “Negotiations of Status in Science Education”
  • Michael Slattery ’18, “Assessing Equity in Collaborative Learning Situations: A
  • Comparison of Quantitative Methods”
  • Zachary Steckel ’18, “Exploring Relationships between Systemic Cognitive Load and Political Conservatism”
  • James De Mott ’18, “Rethinking Southern Africa’s Purpose-Built Cities: Instruments for National Identity Formation”
  • Maxwell Fenton ’19, “Small Navies and International Politics”
  • Chandler Fisher ’19, “Show Me the Money: Political Donations and Federal Advisory Boards and Commissions”

Moderated Panels

Exploring Resources: Incentives and Scarcity

4–4:50 p.m., Rosenfield Center, Room 203

  • Dylan Ambrosoli ’18, “When Competition Corrupts: An Experiment in the Lab”
  • Duy Duong ’18, “Fiscal Incentives for Hiring Female Workers: Evidence from Vietnam”

Found in Translation

4–4:50 p.m., Rosenfield Center, Room 202

  • Brodin Mikuta ’19, “You Get Out What You Put In”
  • Emily Rhodes ’19, “Teenaged Reception of Tolstoy’s War and Peace”
  • Peter Sills ’18, “Reading Lolita as a Young Adult”

Power, Discourse, and Sex Through Time

4–4:50 p.m., Rosenfield Center, Room 209

  • Leah Barr ’18, “Monica Lewinsky: A Political Sex Scandal Case Study”
  • Clare Nash ’18, “Violence Against Women on the Column of Marcus Aurelius”
  • Emily Ricker ’18, “Discourse, Power, and the Rape Trial: a Linguistic Analysis of People v. Turner”

Wednesday, April 18

Posters on Display

8 a.m.–4 p.m., Rosenfield Center, Room 101


4–5:30 p.m., Bucksbaum Center for the Arts, Wall Theatre Lab (154)

Light refreshments available

  • Liana Butchard ’18, “Choreography and the Environment”
  • Jessica Daly ’18, “Something NEXT TO NORMAL — Supporting and Subverting the American Musical”
  • Dru Greenwood ’18, “The Royale”

Thursday, April 19

A light lunch will be available in the Rosenfield Center, Room second-floor lobby.

Moderated Panels

Health, Racism, and Policy in the United States

Noon–12:50 p.m., Rosenfield Center, Room 225

  • Mekdes Assefa ’18, “Hurricane Katrina the revealer”
  • Sophie Banegas ’19, “U.S. Maternal Mortality in African-American Mothers”
  • Aminata Buganzi Kinana ’18, “A History of Germany’s Influence in the International Health Sphere: From Colonial Medicine to Global Health in Africa”
  • Madeline Danks ’18, “Women’s Health in Iowa”

Policies and Movement

Noon–12:50 p.m., Rosenfield Center, Room 227

  • Joshua Ball ’18, “An Inquiry Concerning the Impact of Trade Agreements and Immigration on German Trade”
  • Courtney Petersen ’18, “A Threat to Human Rights: Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA), International Comparison, and the Right to Association”
  • Michael Cummings ’18, “Issues with NAGPRA Implementation: Mimbres Pottery as a Case Study”

Race and Education

Noon–12:50 p.m., Rosenfield Center, Room 209

  • Christian Clark ’18, “An Education For Us by Us: An Analysis of Black Nationalism and Afrocentric Education”
  • Ashley Jackson ’18, “A National Cry for More Teachers of Color: Problems with Grinnell’s Teacher Licensure Program”
  • Jherron Sutton ’18, “A Shortage Within a Shortage: Problems with Retaining Black Educators in K–12 Education”

The Built Environment: Space, Place, and Geography

Noon–12:50 p.m., Rosenfield Center, Room 226

  • Bailey Bagneris ’19, “Tightening the ‘Black Belt’: White Resistance to Chicago Public Housing from 1940 to 1960”
  • Benjamin Hoekstra ’19, “Spatial distribution of soil properties in a chronosequence of abandoned New England cranberry bogs”

Art and Activism

4–5:30 p.m., Rosenfield Center, Room 225

  • Christian Baumann ’18, “From Graffiti to Market: Contemporary Artists and the Commercialization of Street Culture”
  • James Caruso ’18, “The Narrative Textile: Paula Nicho Cumez’s Weaving of Form”
  • Claire Ma ’18, “Abstraction and Reinvention in Zao Wou-Ki’s Art: Chinese Artists in Paris”
  • Sonja Spain ’18, “Finding the Subversive in Japanese Youth Culture: The Art Books of Yoshitomo Nara”
  • Ellen Taylor ’19, “The Artist as Social Activist: Gender and Myth in Ana Mendieta’s Performance Art”

Gender and Agency

4–5:30 p.m., Rosenfield Center, Room 226

  • Liana Butchard ’18, “Twentieth-Century American Single Women”
  • Maya Elliott ’18, “Touching Hard Feelings: Black Trans-Embodied Knowledges in Transgender Studies”
  • May Kurata ’19, “Examining the Impact of LGBT-Specific Recruiting and Consulting Agencies on Transgender People’s Job Hunting and Workplace Experiences in Japan”
  • Abdiel Lopez ’18, “Restoring Power and Confronting the State: The Role of Transformative Justice in Contemporary Youth Movements”

Global Mobilities

4–5:30 p.m., Rosenfield Center, Room 209

  • Carson Backhus ’18, “The Singularity of the Malian Diaspora: Its Role and Evolution”
  • Hana Lord ’18, “Migration in the Japanese Colonial Era”
  • Sam Nakahira ’19, “Japanese American Market Catalyst for California Cuisine”
  • Cecily Smith ’18, “Chinese International Students’ Lived Experiences at a Rural U.S. College”

Political Decisions and Representation

4 p.m.–5:30 p.m., Rosenfield Center, Room 227

  • Sydney Bergman ’18, “Politics of the Crowd: Anti-Scottishness, Paris Peace Treaty of 1763, and Cider Tax of 1763 in Political Prints of 1763 England”
  • Michaela Gelnarova ’18, “Comparison of the defense strategies against Russian cyber propaganda of the Czech Republic and Estonia”
  • Shannon Hautzinger ’18, “The Role of Digital in Political Campaigns: An Exploration of the Historic Development and Current Influence of the Digital Domain in Presidential Campaigns”
  • Thanh Mai ’18, “The Impact of Decreased Funding on Consumer Credit Complaint Processing in Iowa”

Additional Performances

  • April 19 Fresh Flutes
  • April 20 Voice Studio Recital
  • April 20 Voice Studio Recital
  • April 22 Grinnell Oratorio Society Concert
  • April 25 Harp Ensemble
  • April 28 Grinnell Symphony Orchestra Performance
  • April 28 Elizabeth McQuaid Butler ’18, Senior Recital, Voice
  • May 1 Percussion Ensemble and Steel Band Concert
  • May 2 Flute Studio Recital
  • May 3 Latin American Ensemble Concert
  • May 4 Joint Voice Recital
  • May 4 Andrew Mack ’18, Senior Recital, Voice
  • May 5 Chamber Ensembles
  • May 5 Grinnell Symphonic Band
  • May 6 Collegium Musicum Concert
  • May 6 Austin Wadle ’18, Senior Recital, Voice
  • May 10 Joint Piano Recital
  • May 11 Music Department Honors Recital
  • May 11 Joint Voice Recital

Visit the Department of Music for up-to-date information about performance scheduling.

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