Supporting Remote Learners in COVID Times

November 05, 2020

Shifting to virtual learning and compressed terms during Fall term 1 had its challenges. Students are rising to these challenges and adapting to the unique circumstances of this year. Academic Advising recommends some proactive steps students can take to help ensure that things go well.

Scheduling academic work time so that the most challenging work gets done during the time of day when the learner feels their best can be a game changer for both productivity and performance.

In addition, starting assignments as soon as they're assigned gets the ball rolling and helps prevent avoidance and procrastination.

Time away from screens is important, too! Scheduling time away from devices, including some type of physical activity, supports physical and mental health, both of which contribute to academic success.

Another proactive step is to reach out as soon as there is any sign of difficulty or struggle. When support or consultation is needed, the Academic Advising Office is eager to talk with students. Their work centers around helping students navigate from where they are to where they want to be. Students can email or call 641-269-3713 to get scheduled for a meeting with an academic counselor. Additionally, there are many resources available on the Academic Advising GrinnellShare page.

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