Zenteno Hopp '17 publishes article from James Randall research

December 01, 2015

Adriana Zenteno Hopp '17

The Randall Fellowship gave me the opportunity to carry out an independent summer research project about the life and work of Adela Zamudio, one of Bolivia’s greatest 19th century poets. I chose to investigate about this poet because I have always been impressed by the power and beauty of her words, and because I had a strong urge to know more about the woman who had brought them to life. During the summer, I worked with Fundación Torrico Zamudio, an organization created by the descendants of the writer, and which holds an extensive archive with photographs, original documents of Zamudio’s poetry, letters, and a small library with literary critiques about her work. The final objective of my research was to write a short essay about what I had discovered during my time working with the foundation. At the beginning of the semester, I presented this essay to Los Tiempos newspaper, and I’ve been lucky to have it published on October 11, a date which is nationally celebrated in Bolivia as a commemoration of Zamudio’s birth. 


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