Outside Scholarships

Reporting Outside Scholarships & Other Educational Benefits

Outside scholarships and other benefits awarded for higher education expenses are funds with no affiliation to Grinnell College. However, if you receive financial aid from the College and are awarded an outside scholarship or benefit, you must report it to the Office of Financial Aid. In almost all cases, it will not impact grant or scholarship awards. Outside scholarships replace student loan and/or student employment eligibility. Need-based grant funds may be adjusted if the total amount of financial aid, including funds from outside sources, exceed demonstrated need. Financial assistance from all sources can never exceed the total cost of attendance.

Outside scholarships are also regulated by NCAA Division III rules (bylaw

Beware of Scams

Although we do our best to vet the sources, we cannot guarantee the legitimacy of every scholarship. Always use caution when applying for scholarships from an organization unfamiliar to you, and never provide your social security number.

Scam Warning Signs:

  1. Charges a fee
  2. Money-back guarantee
  3. Requires social security number, credit card number, or bank account information

Review Scholarship Scams Tip Sheet, provided by Fastweb.com, for additional information. Another trusted and useful site is www.finaid.org/scholarships.

Scholarship Search Websites

Scholarship Search websites are popular, and several are listed below. Although we can’t say for certain, the effectiveness of such sites may be minimal. As always, use caution when sharing personal information. It’s worth your time to read their privacy policies.

Additional Resources

*List of Currently Available Outside Scholarships

*Please use caution. Grinnell College is not responsible for the scholarships listed on this link. Before applying, we recommend you research them  and review the Beware of Scams section below.

Outside Scholarships
Deadline Amount Name of Scholarship Sponsoring Organization Criteria-partial listing
12/15/17 $1,000 2017 Paradigm Malibu $1,000 Annual Depression Treatment Education Scholarship Paradigm Malibu 1000 word essay on educational goals and plans for after graduation
12/15/17 $1,000 2017 Green Home Improvement Scholarship Home Advisor Essay (1000-2000 words)
12/15/17 $2,000 $2,000 Annual USA University  Chameleon John 3 short essays
12/15/17 $1,000 Scholarship from Artificial Grass Liquidators Artificial Grass Liquidators 500 word essay on educational goals and plans after graduation
12/15/17 $1,000 The Sleep Advisor $1,000 Scholarship The Sleep Advisor Create a video addressing specific prompts (see website).
12/15/17 $1,000 2017 General Education Scholarship Westwind Recovery Residences 1000+ word essay on educational goals
12/15/17 $1,000 PerzonSEO $1000 Internet Marketing Scholarship PerzonSEO 1,000 word article: “Why will Internet Marketing will be important in the future?”
12/20/17 $500 Affiliate Ignition Digital Marketing Scholarship Affiliate Ignition Portfolio on digital marketing
12/20/17 $500 Bankruptcy Law Center Scholarship Contest Bankruptcy Law Center Scholarship Essay on bankruptcy and student loans
12/29/17 $1,000 GolfBee.net Scholarship GolfBee.net

Essay about golf

12/31/17 $2,000 Neighborhoods.com Neighborhood Involvement Scholarship neighborhoods.com Essay discussing neighborhood involvement and the role your neighborhood played in shaping who you are today. 3.5+ GPA
12/31/17 $500 Tanzania Odyssey Tanzania Odyssey CV and Cover Letter
12/31/17 $1,000 2017 Pre-Veterinary and General Animal Husbandry Education Scholarship Golden Meadows Kennell 1000 word essay on topic (see website)
12/31/17 $1,000 The Andrew D. Stine Drug Abuse Awareness 2017 Scholarship Andrew D. Stine 500 word essay 
12/31/17 $1,000 The POET Media Digital Marketing Scholarship Program POET Media 2500-3500 word essay on interfaces and search engines
12/31/17 $500 Dr. Nakul Karkare Scholarship Nakul Karkare 500-1000 word essay on improving hip and knee replacement patient satisfaction
12/31/17 $1,000 InformedMag Security Scholarship InformedMag 700 word essay on an experience with home or campus security
12/31/17 $1,000 Smart Furniture for Smart Home- Creative Essay Writing Annual Scholarship Program Smart Furniture for Smart Home (SFSH) 500 word essay describing the smart home feature you wish to have
12/31/17 $1,000 The 2017 Soccer and Rugby Youth Sports Program Scholarship Soccer and Rugby Imports Essay about participation in a youth sports program.
12/31/17 $2,000 2017 Future of Assisted Living Scholarship SeniorAdvisor.com Essay on how your major can improve the lives of seniors in assisted living facilities in your town and short biography.
12/31/17 $1,000 Getting Real About Distracted Driving Scholarship Comedy Defensive Driving Design an advertisement that educates the public about the dangers of distracted driving. See website for further info.
12/31/17 $1,000 Iflexion Scholarship Iflexion Scholarship Essay on the following topic: “How Mobile Technology will change Retail in 5 years”.
12/31/17 $1,000 Pet Vacuum Lab Scholarship PetVacuumLab.com 500-700 word essay on "What do you see as the greatest threat to the environment today?"
12/31/17 $1,000 Annual Go Green Scholarship Seek Home Comfort 500 word essay
12/31/17 $2,000 VeteranAid.org's 2017 Veteran Benefits Scholarship VeterainAid.org 500-750 word essay
12/31/17 $1,000 Smoothie Web Healthy Eating Scholarship Program Smoothieweb.com 500  word or more essay on "How Green Smoothies Can Promote Healthy Eating Habits"
12/31/17 $3,000 Zip Recruiter ZipRecruiter 250-500 word essay on one of three topics related to employment (see website)
1/1/18 $1,000  Price4Limo Transportation Innovation Scholarship Price4Limo 600-1200 word essay on transportation innovation
1/15/18 $1,500 Cool Dehumidifier Scholarship CoolDehumidifier.com 1,500 word essay on "Practices which improve daily life for people who suffer asthma"
1/15/18 $1,500 WebsiteHosting.com Scholarship Program WebsiteHosting.com 1500-2000 word essay on customer reviews and data in marketing
1/31/18 $500 JeepWranglerParts.com Environmental Stewardship Scholarship JeepWranglerParts.com 500-1500 word essay about access to public lands for recreational use and any personal experiences you've had outdoors
2/10/18 $1,000 ForShaving.com Scholarship ForShaving.com 700-1,000 word article on shaving
2/10/18 $1,000 Hy-Vee Scholarship Hy-Vee See website for application and guidelines for eligibility.
2/28/18 $1,250 Parentinn – Cyberbullying Prevention for Teens Scholarship Parentinn.com 600-1000 word essay on cyberbullying
3/30/18 $500 OutdoorStack's Annual Financial Aid Program OutdoorStack Application on website
4/1/18 $1,000 College Success Scholarship by Study.com Study.com Essay responding to two short prompts
4/30/18 $1,000 A Voice For Cats Scholarship All About Cats Essay on ay topic relating to the All About Cats community interests
5/1/18 $1,000 Ruby Digital Scholarship for Digital Marketing Ruby Digital Essay on digital marketing
5/31/18 $1,000 1st-Art-Gallery.com Art and Design Scholarship 1st-Art-Gallery.com Submit a piece of art that you them proud
5/31/18 $1,000 The SFSH Creative Writing Annual Scholarship Smart Home 500 word essay on a smart home feature you wish to have
5/31/18 $1,000 Sleep Sherpa Scholarship Program The Sleep Sherpa Short video about how you will use your education to make the world a better place (see website for more information on prompt)
6/1/18 $2,500 Analyzed Media Scholarship Analyzed Media Power Point Presentation on the "Importance of Digital Marketing in the Travel Industry
6/1/18 $1,000 Central Infusion Alliance Scholarship 2018 Central Infusion Alliance A story of how a healthcare worker has made a difference in your life or the life of someone near & dear to your heart
6/30/18 $1,000 Simply Pets Scholarship Simply Pets Biology major, essay, 2 letters of recommendation
6/30/18 $1,000 first, $500 runner-up

Market.biz $1,500 Scholarship for Students


Essay on one of three topics relating to market research and technology

6/30/18 $1,000

BRIC Go Global Scholarship

BRIC Language Systems

Currently studying a foreign language, experience or desire to study abroad, essay on your personal language experience, and application form
7/31/18 $500 Bankruptcy Law Center Scholarship Bankruptcy Law Center Scholarship Essay on bankruptcy and student loans
8/15/18 $2,000

Dream Home Design Scholarship Offered by Renoviso


Essay answering the question: “If you were a homeowner, what’s the one home improvement project you’d choose to complete and why?”

Multiple Scholarship Dates $1,000 FormSwift Scholarship Program FormSwift Create a business plan infographic
Semiannually, July 31 & January 31 $2,500 Redfin Scholarship Redfin Essay of <800 words on housing policy (see website)
Ongoing Up to Full Cost Health Professions Scholarship Program U.S. Army U.S. Citizen; Bachelor's Degree
Ongoing Up to Full Cost Health Professions Scholarship Program U.S. Navy U.S. Citizen; Bachelor's Degree
Ongoing Up to Full Cost Health Professions Scholarship Program U.S. Air Force U.S. Citizen; Bachelor's Degree
Ongoing $500 Innovation in Education Scholarship LA Tutors Designed innovative project; essay; 3.0 GPA
Ongoing $1,000 James "Rhio" O'Connor Memorial Scholarship Surviving Mesothelioma 700-1500 word essay
Ongoing $2,000 SmileTutor Quarterly College Student Scholarship SmileTutor 750-1000 word essay
Ongoing Avg. amt is $2,500 Laura W. Bush Traveling Fellowship U.S. Dept. of State See website for criteria