Maisha Kamunde-Devonish

Assistant Professor
Offices, Departments, or Centers: Chemistry ,

Professor Kamunde-Devonish studies inorganic chemistry. Her research is focused on the synthetic design of metal complexes that can serve as models for metalloenzymes, and studying the structure-function relationships of these complexes to better understand how they activate small molecules in biological systems. She is also interested in promoting science literacy through education and community outreach.

Education and Degrees

B.S. California State University, Chico 2007; Ph.D. University of Oregon 2015.

Selected Publications

  • Kamunde-Devonish, M.K.; Jackson, Jr., M.N.; Mensinger, Z.L.; Zakharov, L.N.; Johnson, D.W., Transmetalation of Aqueous Inorganic Clusters: A Useful Route to the Synthesis of Heterometallic Aluminum and Indium Hydroxo—Aquo Clusters, Inorganic Chemistry, 2014, 53, (14), 7101-7105. ACS Editor’s Choice 04/18/2014. Cover art 07/21/14.
  • Kamunde-Devonish, M.K.; Mensinger, Z.L.; Fast, D.B.; Gatlin, J.T.; Dolgos, M.R.; Johnson, D.W., Synthesis and Solid-State Structural Characterization of a Series of Aqueous Heterometallic Tridecameric Group 13 Clusters, Inorganic Chemistry, 2015, 54, (8), 3913-3920.

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