Christian Morris

1227 Park Street
Grinnell, IA 50112
United States

Christian Morris ’18

Assistant Director of Admission and Coordinator of Transfer Admission

Offices, Departments, or Centers: Admission , Admission Officers ,

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee / Chicago, Illinois

Degree: B.A. (Grinnell College)

Undergraduate major: Spanish

What I love about my territory: I was born in the South and partly grew up in the Midwest, so being able to return to those areas for my job is amazing! Not only am I lucky enough to visit my old school and old teachers, but I can crowdsource activities to do while I’m in any part of my territory. Asking prospective students and counselors about their favorite spots in town for dining, walking/hiking, art, or relaxing is my favorite part about traveling.

What I love about Grinnell: As a Grinnell College graduate, I’d say that I love the people the most! The town itself is so welcoming that whenever I go grocery shopping, I usually find myself talking to someone for 5-10 minutes about our days. As a student, I could actually grow as a person in the College's social atmosphere. The people around me didn’t care about where I was from, they simply cared about my thoughts and my general wellbeing. It was genuinely the first place I could get out of my comfort zone. I could access activities, events, academic help, and even engage in uncomfortable conversations with a foundation of confidence and security.

Hobbies/activities: I spend most of my free time in my hammock outside, watching/playing soccer (or football if you are not from the States), cooking, and playing video games with distant friends. My favorite soccer teams are Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund. With respect to cooking, I’ve recently discovered how to make a cake-sized strawberry and blueberry pancake! Lastly, playing video games with distant friends is the spicy version of a friendly Zoom call!

Advice about searching for schools: When you're researching schools, consider the human aspect of going there. An institution can offer you the moon and the stars, but you can still be unhappy while inhabiting such a space. Research the values of the school and the social atmosphere, ask to talk to current students, and consider if you will feel comfortable, happy, and safe there.

Advice about applying to schools: Ask your preferred teachers about writing your letter of recommendation as early as possible! A single teacher can easily have more than 50 or 100 students asking for a single letter of recommendation. Teachers love to support students during their college, but an incredibly large workload is an incredibly large workload, period. Save yourself and your preferred teachers the stress of a quick turnaround by asking as early as you can.

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