Heather Park

1227 Park Street
Grinnell, IA 50112
United States

Heather Park ’22

Counselor of Admission Marketing

Hometown: Santa Clara, California

Degree: B.A. (Grinnell College)

Undergraduate major: English & sociology

What I love about my job: I get to be creative all day! I love the novelty that comes with social media work and am always interested in learning more about it. I’ve been creating content for social media ever since middle school, so it’s very nice that I get to do it for a job. Also, it doesn't hurt that I get to promote something that I have already experienced and believe has been very beneficial for me and for people around me.

What I love about Grinnell: I love Grinnellians’ commitment to doing the right thing, even if it is hard and uncomfortable. I believe that Grinnell as a whole — warts and all — is all about having the kinds of conversations surrounding how to be a better person in the world. The people here carry this sentiment everywhere they go (alumni after college included), and it’s satisfying having a common worldview to bond over. It’s not very common, I think, to have this kind of environment.

Hobbies/activities: I like occult-y things (tarot, astrology), aesthetic-y things (design, makeup, trying to get into interior design, fashion), and child psychology.

Advice about searching for schools: Have a list of what you need, what you want and don’t need but would be nice to have, what is non-negotiable, and what are personal deal-breakers when you search for schools. This list can be as personal as it needs to be — and it should be personal! Do you need research? Community? What kinds of research and community would be best for you? Which expressions of research and community make the most sense for you? Be mindful of what you need from an environment to best grow: gain awareness of what kinds of colleges would give those kinds of environments to you.

Advice about applying to schools: Don’t write cover letters as your admission essays. Although you may know yourself best and want to put your best foot forward, you want to introduce yourself through the essays (just like you would introduce yourself to a new person) because the essays are one of the first ways that we get to know you. Don’t forget that you have personality, too. Let your voice shine in the essays!

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