Donna Vinter

Assistant Professor

Director, Grinnell-in-London

Donna Vinter, adjunct professor of English literature and Resident Site Director, spent a formative year in London as a graduate student working in the British Library to complete a thesis on English medieval drama. Within a year of obtaining her Ph.D in English Literature from Harvard University (1976), she was back living in London for good and working in the study-abroad sector. She first taught for Grinnell-in-London in 1980 and has been running the program in London since 1982. Her passion is for dramatic literature and theatre of all kinds, but her teaching experience has particularly centred on Shakespeare and Renaissance drama, and modern and contemporary drama. In addition, she has strong academic interests in the nineteenth and twentieth-century novel, in modern Irish literature, and in British cultural history generally. She has taught for a number of American programs in London, including for American, Pepperdine, Northwestern and Lawrence universities, and is a founding member and active participant on Grinnell's behalf in the Association of Study Abroad Programs in the UK.