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Charles E Cunningham

Department Chair of Physics

Selected Research Students & Projects

Greg Dyer '04, "Magnetic phase diagrams of RCo2Ge2 single crystals."Xu Wang '04, "Effect of site dilution on magnetic transitions in (DyxY(1-x))Co2Ge2."
Heather Thiessen '02, "Magnetic anisotropy in the RCo2Ge2 Series."

Campus Phone: 

(641) 269-3182


(641) 269-4285


Long Beach, CA

High School: 

Long Beach Poly


Harvey Mudd College

College Graduation Year: 


Campus Job(s): 

Professor of Physics

Personal Interests: 

Grinnell Aikido Club (Instructor)

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On-Campus Address: 

1031 Science
Grinnell, IA 50112
United States

Office Hours: 

By appointment (sign up on schedule posted on my door)

Education / Degrees: 

Postdoc (Solid State Physics), 1992-93, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Ph.D. (Physics), 1992, Stanford University M.S. (Physics), 1987, Stanford University B.S. (Physics), 1986, Harvey Mudd College

Courses Taught: 

Bridges, Towers, and Skyscrapers; Electronics with Lab; General Physics II with Lab; Modern Physics with Lab; Optics Wave Phenomena with Lab; Physics in the Arts; Physics, an Historical Approach; Solid State Physics; Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics

Primary Academic Interest: 

Novel materials growth

Academic Interests: 

Solid state physics Magnetic ordering transitions Superconductivity

Department Chair: