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Xavier Escandell

Xavier Escandell
Associate Professor

Xavier Escandell's research explores immigration, transnationalism, and race/ethnic relations in the context of Western, Eastern Europe and Latin America. His work has been published in journals such as Ethnic and Racial Studies, Social Science Research, International Migration, International Migration Review, and Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. His ethnographic work in Bolivia and Spain focuses on the socio-cultural integration of Bolivian families in pre and post-recession Spain, their transnational modes of parenting as well as processes of return migration. He has also published work on the contextual factors mediating the worrisome rise of racism and xenophobia in Western European countries and focuses on how demographic, civic and political institutional environments impact perceptions towards migrants. Prior to obtaining his degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2005, he was a fellow at the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies at the University of California, San Diego. At Grinnell, in collaboration with professor David Cook-Martin, he has developed the Global Learning Program course on Cross-Borders, Migration and Refuge in the XXI century, a class with an embedded travel to Mexico, the southwestern USA, Spain, Greece and Germany. He also teaches classes on Global Ethnography and is the director of DASIL (Data Analysis and Social Inquiry Lab).

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Campus Job(s): 

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Courses Taught: 

Anthropology of Global Migrations; Crossing Borders: Migration & Membership in the 21st; Global Ethnography and Transnationalism; Introduction to Statistics