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Robert Grey


While his initial research agenda was on mass attitudes and behavior in Africa, over the last decade his research has focused on comparable phenomena in Russia. In particular, he is concerned with mass support (or lack thereof) for Russian democratization, and with Russian nationalism. He has published in such journals as the Journal of Modern African Studies and Slavic Review. He recently edited a book, Democratic Theory and Post-Communist Change. He strongly believes in involving students in his research, and has published work co-authored with students. Mr. Grey is deeply involved in cross-disciplinary work, and is a member of the Russian, Central, and Eastern European Studies Concentration and the East Asian Studies Concentration.

Campus Phone: 

(641) 269-3147

Campus Job(s): 

Professor of Political Science

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On-Campus Address: 

FLR 1 1102 Broad Street
Grinnell, IA 50112
United States

Education / Degrees: 

M.A., Ph.D., Political Science, Yale University B.A., French, Wesleyan University

Courses Taught: 

Pol-101: Introduction to Political Science Pol-262: African Politics Pol-273: Politics of Russia Pol-275: Politics of the People's Republic of China Pol-357: Diffusion of Democracy

Primary Academic Interest: 

Mass attitudes and behavior in Africa and Russia

Curriculum Vitae/Resume: