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Samuel A. Rebelsky

Sam Rebelsky

Samuel A. Rebelsky is a Professor of Computer Science at Grinnell College.  "SamR", as his students call him, has been at Grinnell since 1997.  (He therefore considers himself part of the Grinnell class of 2001.)  Read more about SamR at his web site.  


Campus Phone: 

(641) 269-4410


(641) 269-4984



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On-Campus Address: 

Noyce 3824
1116 8th Avenue
Grinnell, IA 50112
United States

Education / Degrees: 

Ph.D., 1993, University of Chicago
S.M., 1987, University of Chicago
S.B., 1985, University of Chicago

Courses Taught: 


A Philosophy of C and Unix; Compilers; Computer Science Table: Algorithmic Arts; Computer Science Table: Classic and Contemporary Works in CS; Computer Science Table: Women in Computing; Databases and Web Software Engineering; Functional Problem Solving; Imperative Problem Solving and Data Structures; Introductory Statistics; Learning from Alumni; Object-Oriented Problem Solving, Data Structures, and Algorithims; Programming Languages; Software Design; Software Development Principles and Practices; Team Software Development for Community Organizations; The Evolution of Technology; Thinking in C and Unix



Primary Academic Interest: 

Computer Science

Academic Interests: 

Functional programming. Algorithmic art. Computer science education.

Curriculum Vitae/Resume: