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Kesho Scott

Associate Professor

She is an internationally renowned Diversity Trainer/Consultant, an Associate Professor of American Studies and Sociology at Grinnell College, and an award-winning writer.  Kesho was a founding member of International Capacity Building Services, a cultural competency training team that specializes in facilitating both “unlearning isms” and Human Rights workshops as well various seminars and training programs that have been successfully adapted for audiences throughout the United States and abroad. In over two decades of developing unlearning racism work, Kesho has led hundreds of professional and community-based workshops; she has been keynote speaker for national conferences as well as a participant on several dozen national and local radio debates, discussions and public service announcements.  Grounded in this extensive experience, Kesho developed an “affirmative duty” technique for facilitating unlearning racism workshops.  It is a method that helps shift participants’ awareness, commitment and skill-set toward being actively and personally anti-racist and anti-sexist, rather than remaining merely passive observers.

Campus Phone: 

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On-Campus Address: 

112 Carnegie Hall
1210 Park St.
Grinnell, IA 50112
United States

Education / Degrees: 

B.A. Sociology, Wayne State University, 1974 M.A. Political Sociology, University of Detroit, 1975 Ph.D. American Studies, University of Iowa, 1988

Courses Taught: 

Sociology SOC 111: Introduction to Sociology (Sample Syllabus) SOC 240: Social Movements in the 20th Century (Sample Syllabus) SOC 275: Race and Ethnicity in America (Sample Syllabus) SOC 285: Contemporary Sociological Theory (Sample Syllabus) SOC 300: Applied Practicum (Sample Syllabus) SOC 390.01: Global Feminism (Sample Syllabus) American Studies AMS 130: American Beliefs and Cultural Values (Sample Syllabus) AMS 225: Theory and Methods in American Studies (Sample Syllabus) AMS 275: Special Topics in American Studies Black Women in America American Women's Autobiography (Sample Syllabus) American Masculinities Etiquette: Learning To Be an American

Primary Academic Interest: 

Unlearning Racism Inside and Outside the Classroom

Academic Interests: 

Black Women in America Multiculturalism in Academia American Beliefs and Cultural Value Special Topics in American Studies: "Ethnic Rights" Special Topics in American Studies: "Fast Foods" Special Topics: "Commercial Culture in a Global Age" Global Feminism Gender in American Culture Black Masculinity: Crisis or Opportunity? Themes of Black Childhood and Youth in America Social Movements in the 20th Century Female Harassment in Ethiopia Race and Ethnicity Gender and Society