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Karen Shuman



When Karen went to college, she was convinced that she would be an English and history double major. Her first-year proof-based calculus class changed her plans completely.

The main courses she teaches at Grinnell are related to analysis, her area of expertise. She has published papers on signal processing algorithms, greedy algorithms in Banach spaces, and, most recently, harmonic analysis of iterated function systems. In addition, she is extending her scholarly interests to the history and philosophy of mathematics and the architecture of Sir Christopher Wren.

In her spare time, Karen likes to travel with her husband to England. She is also an avid mystery reader and is always looking for new authors to read. If you have a suggestion, she'd love to hear it!

Campus Phone: 
(641) 269-4927


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On-Campus Address: 
2249 Science
Grinnell, IA
United States
Education / Degrees: 
A.M., Ph.D., Dartmouth College B.A., Agnes Scott College
Courses Taught: 
MAT-123: Differential Calculus MAT-131: Calculus I MAT-133: Calculus II MAT-215: Linear Algebra MAT-220: Differential Equations MAT-222: Geometry MAT-314: Topics in Applied Mathematics MAT-316: Foundations of Analysis MAT-338: Complex Analysis Tutorial: "Zero and Infinity"
Associate Professor
Curriculum Vitae/Resume: 
Department Chair: 
Mathematics and Statistics


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