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Jacob D Willig-Onwuachi

Jake Willig-Onwuachi portrait image
Associate Professor
Department Chair of Physics

Selected Research Projects and Students

  • Non-proton NMR/MRI - Fatemeh Elahi '12, Andrew Marcum '12
  • Quantum vs Classical: an exploration of spin coherence - Wenyang Qian '12
  • MRI motion correction using multiple detectors - Paden Roder '10, Illya Tyschenko '11
  • MRI radiofrequency coil characterization, how to measure quality factor - Geoff Jacobs '09, Abel Assefa '08
  • Imaging on a tabletop with Magritek's Terranova earth's field scanner - Yuyang Fan '11
  • Dielectric resonance and wavelength effects - Prabal Adhikari '09

Selected Publications

  • Seo Y, Willig-Onwuachi J, and Walton J.  Magnetic resonance thermal imaging combined with SMASH navigators in the presence of motion. Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics 2012; 13: 172-187.
  • Wiens C, Kisch S, Willig-Onwuachi J, and McKenzie C.  Computationally Rapid Method of Estimating SNR for Phased Array Image Reconstructions.  Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 2011; 66: 1192-1197.
  • Peng B, Walton J, Cherry S, Willig-Onwuachi J.  Studies of the interactions of an MRI system with the shielding in a combined PET/MRI scanner.  Physics in Medicine and Biology 2010; 55: 265-280.
  • Willig-Onwuachi J, Eagan TP, Shvartsman ShM, Brown RW.  Designer RF Field Profiles for Parallel Imaging Applications.  Concepts in Magnetic Resonance Part B: Magnetic Resonance Engineering 2005; 27B: 75-85.
  • Willig-Onwuachi J, Yeh EN, Grant AK, Ohlinger MA, McKenzie CA, Sodickson DK. Phase-constrained parallel MR image reconstruction.  Journal of Magnetic Resonance 2005; 176:187-198.

Other Publications

  • Rosenblum D, with Ben-Asher N, Case M, Emens E, Hernandez-Truyol B, Gutierrez V, Ikemoto L, Onwuachi-Willig A, Willig-Onwuachi J, Mutcherson K, Siegelman P, and Jones B. Pregnant Man?: A Conversation. Yale Journal of Law and Feminism 2010; 22: 207-278.
  • Onwuachi-Willig A, Willig-Onwuachi J. A House Divided: Housing Discrimination and the Invisibility of the Multiracial Family. Harvard Civil Rights Civil Liberties Law Review 2009; 44: 231-253.
  • Acknowledging Loving in the Multiracial Family, in LOVING IN A "POST-RACIAL" WORLD: RETHINKING RACE, SEX AND MARRIAGE (Kevin Noble Maillard & Rose Cuison Villazor, eds., forthcoming Cambridge University Press 2011).
  • Onwuachi-Willig A, Willig-Onwuachi J. “Now Each Citizen Can Proclaim ‘I Love You, and We Can Live in Iowa.’” Iowa City Press Citizen. Apr. 4, 2009. (Invited)
  • Onwuachi-Willig A, Willig-Onwuachi J. “Iowa Supreme Court Should Again Be a Pioneer.” Iowa City Press Citizen. Dec. 9, 2008: 9A.



Campus Phone: 

(641) 269-4873


Grinnell College

College Graduation Year: 


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On-Campus Address: 

1033 Science
Grinnell, IA
United States

Education / Degrees: 

Postdoc (MRI), 2001-2003, Harvard Medical School/Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center;
Ph.D., Physics, Case Western Reserve University, 2001;
M.S., Physics, University of Iowa, 1997;
B.A., Grinnell College, 1995

Courses Taught: 

Phy-131: General Physics I with Lab;
Phy-132: General Physics II with Lab;
Phy-335: Electromagnetic Theory;
Phy-462: Advanced Laboratory;
Tutorial: "The Social Construction of Obama"

Primary Academic Interest: 

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Academic Interests: 

Medical physics,
Computational physics and electrodynamics,
Inverse problems,
Constrained and specialized image reconstruction,
MR hardware design and optimization

Department Chair: