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Giving through payroll deduction is a great way to make a gift to the organizations that make a difference in Grinnell and our local communities. If you are new to the program, have questions about completing the online form, or would like to be reminded of previous charitable giving choices, please contact our office at 641-269-3900 or send an email.

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Organizations Supported

To make this program manageable for our payroll department, funding is directed to a limited number of local “umbrella” organizations, which in turn, support a wide variety of projects and programs with many areas of impact.

Supported organizations include:

If you are not familiar with the College's employee giving program, viewing the recorded sessions below is a great way to learn how important it is to give locally, whether it be time, talent, or dollars. A series of lunch-and-learn sessions was held before the program roll-out, please choose a link below to learn more.


The payroll deduction program was formalized in 2006 as a convenience to employees and a courtesy to local area nonprofits. Through this once-a-year enrollment, employees can donate to a wide variety of local causes through Grinnell’s “umbrella” organizations. These organizations manage a range of funds, some providing for current programs and some building permanent endowments for the future. By participating in the Give Local Grinnell Program:

  • You never have to write a check.
  • It is easier to budget larger donations.
  • Grinnell College provides a secondary source for tracking your gifts.

Enrollment Dates

There is an annual enrollment, typically in December, with deductions beginning in January of the following year. You have the option to pledge ‘one year only’ or to continue 'ongoing until you contact the payroll department to stop'. If you enroll in the payroll deduction program after January, your pledge will be spread out over the remaining months of the year.  Any previous pledges requested as ‘ongoing’ will not be affected. You will need to contact the Payroll Department directly to make a change.

These contributions make a difference!

“I participate every year in the payroll deduct employee giving program because it not only helps me thoughtfully plan my giving for the year, but it also allows me to give a little more to each organization by spreading it throughout the year!”

Rachel Bly, Director of Conference Operations and Events.

“The Employee Giving Program makes it easy for us to support our local community organizations consistently throughout the year.”

Cecilia Knight, Associate Professor, Library; Acquisitions and Discovery Librarian.

How to Authorize a Deduction Plan

  • Complete the Give Local Grinnell Program online form.
  • Choose the organization(s) and fund(s) to which you would like to donate.
  • For each fund, designate the amount you would like to contribute monthly.
  • Carefully review each section before continuing on to the next. To make changes after you advance to the next section, you will be required to restart the survey.
  • Deadline: To ensure that your pledge begins in January, please complete the online pledge form by Dec. 31. If you make a pledge after January, your pledge will be distributed over the remaining months of that year.
  • Watch your paycheck for the deductions to begin. Deductions will begin with the paycheck following the time when your pledge was submitted (if not in December).
  • Grinnell College directs distributions to these organizations on a quarterly basis.
Type of Question Who to Contact
General program questions Community Partnerships, Planning, and Research, 641-269-3900
Details on what has been deducted from your paycheck Payroll Department, 641-269-3580
Details on prior-year pledge amounts and receiving organizations Community Partnerships, Planning, and Research, 641-269-3900
How the organization is allocating your gift

The respective receiving organization:

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