1. Do you have hotel rooms for your family?
  2. Confirm that your account balances are paid in full.
  3. By May 1: Let us know who is coming!
  4. By May 1: Order announcements (optional)
  5. Pick up cap and gown, available after May 7 at the Pioneer Bookshop, 933 Main Street.
  6. May 19: Attend mandatory commencement rehearsal in Darby Gymnasium
  7. By May 22: Move out of residence halls by 5 p.m.
    • Complete the residence life checklist before leaving your room.
  8. By May 31: Complete your loan exit Interview. This MUST be completed.
    • Failure to complete loan exit interviews will make you ineligible to receive final transcripts.

For more information, please see the Commencement Information for Graduates page.