For nearly four decades, the Scholars’ Convocation series has created a common educational experience shared by the entire Grinnell College community. Established in the late 1970s in response to the College’s move to an open curriculum, the accessible interdisciplinary nature of convocation offers an intellectual encounter that transcends disciplinary boundaries.

Scholars’ Convocations are arranged by a faculty committee. If you are planning or are interested in planning a Scholars’ Convocation, please see Scholars’ Convocation Proposals.

All Scholars’ Convocations are held at 11 a.m. on Thursdays throughout the academic year in the Joe Rosenfield ’25 Center, Room 101, unless otherwise noted.

Fall 2016

Sept. 8

Roberto G. Gonzales, Assistant Professor of Education, Harvard University

“From Undocumented to DACAmented: Understanding Legal Status in a New Policy Context”

Rosenfield Symposium

Sept. 15

Peter Magolda, Professor of Educational Leadership, Miami University

“Unconventional Wisdom About Learning, Teaching, and Campus Life”

Sept. 22

Blair Kamin, Architecture Critic, Chicago Tribune

“Unlocking the Beauty of Gates”

Sept. 29

Prasenjit Duara, Professor of History, Duke University

“The Crisis of Planetary Sustainability: A Long View from Asia”

Nov. 3

President Raynard S. Kington

“Inequality and the Future of Grinnell College.”

President’s Convocation

Spring 2017

Feb. 9

David Orr, Professor of Environmental Studies and Politics, Oberlin College

March 9

Opal Tometi, Executive Director, Black Alliance for Just Immigration

“Technology and Human Rights”

Rosenfield Symposium

Apr. 20

David Weiman, Professor of Economics, Banard College

Phi Beta Kappa Convocation