Winter Break Residential Program

All student residences close at noon Saturday, December 19, for Winter Break, and reopen at noon Saturday, January 23.

Students must vacate campus residences during this time unless declared a Winter Break Sponsored Student (WBSS). As a sponsored student, you are approved to remain on campus after closing and/or return prior to the opening of the College during Winter Break for one or more of the following reasons:

  • participation in winter athletics or other College sponsored activities/events;
  • International or U.S. Global Nomad Student;
  • working for College Services* a minimum of 20 hours per week; or
  • approved by the Division of student Affairs.

No other students are allowed in student residences during Winter Break.

*College services are those services necessary for the day to day operation of the College during Winter Break. These services include but are not limited to Campus Security, Mail Services, Catering, Library, and Admission.

WBSS status is a privilege not a right. Only sponsored students are allowed in student residences during Winter Break. WBSS automatically agree to accept and comply with College rules and regulations. We thank you for acting responsibly so that your ability to stay in student residences during Winter Break is not jeopardized. In the rare case a WBSS violates the Winter Break Policy or does not act responsibly during this time, the student may be required to leave campus until the semester begins, fines may be issued, and/or judicial charges may be pursued. 

Alcohol and Drug Policy

All student residences are substance-free from December 21 to January 18. All WBSS implicitly agree not to use or distribute alcohol or drugs on campus during this time, regardless of age. Departments whose WBSS violates this policy may lose future privileges of sponsoring students during Winter Break. 

WBSS Agree to:

  • Abide by the Winter Break Substance-Free Policy.
  • Keep public spaces clean and orderly throughout the entire break period.
  • Not allow unauthorized students into student residences.
  • Keep outside doors to all residence halls and campus houses closed and locked (not propped open).
  • Meet the work/participation requirements of their sponsoring department. Students who withdraw from their sponsored program must vacate their residence hall/campus house room within 24 hours of withdrawal.
  • Arrive on campus on the exact date indicated in the letter from their sponsor. Students who arrive before their sponsored date may be charged a $100 per night fee. 

RLC/Emergency Contact

If you have an emergency or need assistance, please call ext. 4600 (or 641-269-4600 if calling from off-campus) to reach Campus Security and/or the RLC on call. One RLC is on-call the following dates:

Saturday, December 20 through Tuesday, December 23 AND Friday, January 2 through Friday, January 18.

Campus Security will provide assistance the dates there is not an RLC on-call, which is Wednesday, December 24 through Wednesday, January 1.

Meal Preparation

WBSS may cook in the residence halls and campus house kitchens. WBSS who use campus kitchens agree to clean the kitchen immediately. All items left out and /or dirty will be disposed of daily. All appliances must be turn off unplugged immediately after each use. Once cool, all appliances must be stored/put away accordingly


Shuttles, dining services, and health services are NOT available during Winter Break.


WBSS may have guests visit them in student residences under the following conditions:

  • Guests cannot be currently enrolled Grinnell College students.
  • WBSS are limited to two guests on campus at one time.
  • Guests must register with the Security Office upon arrival.
  • WBSS are responsible for the behavior of their guests.