Daughters of Old Grinnell


Daughters all of old Grinnell
Raise your voices clear,
In praise to her, our Alma Mater
And our home so dear.
Hear we dwell in peace and friendship,
In sweet harmony.
And throughout our lives we promise
To be true to thee.


Raise that chorus, speed in onward,
Loud her praises tell,
Hail to thee, beloved Quadrangle,
Hail, all hail, Grinnell!

Free from fear, with happy courage,
May we live and grow
To be strong and worthy women
Ere from thee we go.
May the friendships which we form here
Sweeten ev'ry life
May our loyalty ne'er waver
In success or strife.


May that Spirit which we claim here,
Live in ev'ry heart,
Let it be our guide and pilot
Even when we part;
May it leave a mark upon us
And within us dwell,
Let our future lives bear witness
That we love Grinnell.