Sons of Old Grinnell


Sons of old Grinnell,
Let your voices swell,
In a song to the staunch, the true
In praise of Alma Mater,
As her sons ever love to do.
Thy glory and thy honor,
Thy fame alone we tell,
And ever for thee,
Our love shall be,
Grinnell — Grinnell — Grinnell.

We will cheer for thee
In each victory;
We will love thee in defeat;
With the same old loyal spirit,
Every fortune of thine we'll greet.
Whate'er the years may bring thee,
The name we love so well,
We pledge it shall ne'er
Dishonor bear,
Grinnell — Grinnell — Grinnell.

With a zeal to do
We will follow true,
In the years that are yet to be;
Thy love of truth shall guide us
Through success or adversity.
Let every son uncover
To her whom we love so well,
That name written high
Shall never die,
Grinnell — Grinnell — Grinnell.