The Spirit of Grinnell


Across the rolling prairie land
The towers of our college stand
With winding walks and shady trees,
And grassy banks where sit at ease
The comrades of some carefree hour,
And feel in awe the wondrous pow'r
Which casts on them like witching spell
The quiet beauty of Grinnell.

But not alone in brick and stone
Or campus fair is her renown;
For in the plans of dreaming men
A splendor far beyond our ken
Takes shape and form within the bounds
Of these familiar College grounds;
And future years shall grandly tell
The glorious vision of Grinnell.

Wherever 'round the world's wide swell
Are found the sons of old Grinnell,
There burns as part of heart's desire
A glowing fragment of her fire:
Who one has 'round her altar stood
Can ne'er forget her pow'r for good:
What e'er his gods, he keeps as well
The guiding spirit of Grinnell.