Art & Art History Learning Outcomes

Studio Art Majors

We expect Studio Art majors leave our department knowing how to:

  • Research concepts media, and methods in the development of new creative work
  • Synthesize information from a variety of studio courses, as well as other courses across the curriculum in a given project
  • Be disciplined and focused in the development of a project over time
  • Productively give and take criticism
  • Communicate verbally and textually about their work
  • Be judicious in their use of resources, physical and intellectual, in order to complete projects
  • Develop a polished, public portfolio of exhibition-worthy work.

Art History Majors

At the 100 level, students learn:

  • to look closely at and describe actual works of art, rather than reproductions
  • to consider how formal and material elements contribute to meaning
  • to synchronize their visual evaluations with relevant theoretical and historical material in a coherent written argument
  • to develop a secure mental framework of who made which canonical works when

At the 200 level, students learn:

  • to discuss assigned readings and impromptu topics and projected images in class
  • to summarize scholars’ arguments and critique them substantively
  • to assess what research has already been done on a given subject and what remains to be done
  • to develop a thesis that intervenes in the current scholarship while building on the formal, theoretical, and historical skills introduced at the introductory level
  • to make a formal presentation of one’s own research with an accompanying digital slideshow

At the 400 level, students learn:

  • to develop a short, article-length independent research paper that builds on the skills developed previously
  • to present such research formally to peers