German Learning Outcomes

Beginning language students should

  • Achieve a good understanding of the basic structure of German
  • Be able to communicate on a basic, everyday level.
  • Develop a basic active vocabulary and a more extensive passive vocabulary
  • Be able to read simple authentic texts with the aid of a dictionary
  • Achieve a basic cultural competency

Advanced German students should gain

  • An awareness of the development of German literature and culture from the Middle Ages to the present
  • Familiarity with major German writers and representative works
  • An awareness of basic critical methodologies in the field

German majors should gain

  • The ability to read modern German at a level at which sophisticated literary analysis can be performed
  • The ability to write, speak and comprehend German sufficiently so that they can communicate not only on an everyday level, but also participate in critical discussions and produce critical essays
  • The ability to analyze and interpret literary and cultural texts
  • An awareness and appreciation of culture difference