Math & Statistics Learning Outcomes

Math and Statistics Learning Outcomes

Majors in mathematics will be able to:

  1. Effectively read and communicate mathematical ideas and complex technical arguments
  2. Master mathematical notation, precise use of definitions, and the grammar of logic
  3. Use computer technology and algorithmic concepts to support problem solving and theoretical understanding
  4. Employ techniques of calculation correctly, with an understanding of the theory supporting the calculations
  5. Develop persistence and skill in exploration, conjecture, generalization, and abstraction (CUPM 2004, p. 15 and further department discussion)
  6. Learn to apply precise, logical, deductive reasoning to problem solving, abstract reasoning, and proof writing  (CUPM 2004, p. 15 and further departmental discussion)
  7. Understand applications of mathematics to problems occurring in other disciplines

Mathematics and Statistics Writing Outcomes

Writing goals for the major are:

  1. To use both creative insight and fundamental tools of logic to craft complex mathematical arguments.
  2. To develop convincing expository arguments in order to justify an approach to nuanced statistical, applied mathematical, or theoretical mathematical problems.

Both goals meet (parts of) the College-Wide Learning Outcomes #1, #3, and #5.